LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – Reigning National Champion Don Myrah did what many expected him to do today, crowing himself the 2013 Master 45-49 world champion. The outcome, however, was not always certain, as Moots racer Jon Cariveau put up one of the fiercest fights of the day, trading blows with Myrah throughout the race. Though Myrah eventually bested Cariveau, the winning move did not come until well into the final lap, making this the one to watch for the many spectators who came for the afternoon races. Behind the two racers, Roger Aspholm rode strong and consistent, finishing in third.

The 45-49 Men launching off the line for the 2013 World Title race © Cyclocross Magazine

The 45-49 Men launching off the line for the 2013 World Title race © Cyclocross Magazine

“What a day,” said Myrah. “Last night it was blizzarding out, I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be a great race. Jon Cariveau, man, what an awesome competitor. We battled back and forth. He had the lead, then I had the lead, each of us would bobble and I just ended up having one less than he did to get the win. It was any man’s race, and I got lucky.”

Each man went down, each bobbled, but as the race wound around the course neither could shake the other. At times, Cariveau looked to have shaken Myrah off his wheel, but the multi-discipline champion never panicked, and continually came back up to then put the Moots rider on the ropes.

Myrah and Cariveau battled it out for most of the race © Cyclocross Magazine

Myrah and Cariveau battled it out for most of the race © Cyclocross Magazine

“I was really hoping for better, but gosh, if I can share the lead with Don, battling back and forth like that, I’ll take it. It came down to who had the least amount of bobbles. We went in one to go really tight. I was riding a bike that was starting to gather a lot of nastiness on it, so I had to take a second backup bike that had the non-mud tires on it, not quite as aggressive of tread. I wasn’t quite as confident in the ruts of those corners.”

Both racers had to contend with the worsening conditions and the difficulties their pit crews faced trying to clean frozen mud without the help of power washers. “I pitted just about every lap. The bikes didn’t come back very clean. One time I got on a bike and it was worse than the one I’d been riding on!”

Myrah had two bikes, one with 324 Labs hydraulic brakes, which he says, “were great. They felt awesome today. With cold conditions, you could brake with one finger. Never an issue.”

Undefeated: Four titles in a row for Don Myrah, with two Nationals and two World Championships in two years. © Cyclocross Magazine

Undefeated: Four titles in a row for Don Myrah, with two Nationals and two World Championships in two years. © Cyclocross Magazine

It was one too many bobbles for Cariveau, however, that made the race, as Myrah capitalized on the mistake and put down as much power as the course would allow, finishing with enough of a gap to raise his hands and enjoy the win. “I did feel calm. I didn’t feel like I was burying myself—I was kind of going 95% because I couldn’t go 100%, there was nowhere to open it up.”

With both National and World wins to his name after returning from a long hiatus, questions turned to whether Myrah was back for good. “As long as I can keep affording to do it!”

Don Myrah defends his 45-49 Masters Cyclocross World Championship title:

[youtube Q-i8TAZd_5A 580 380]

Interview with John Cariveau, Second in Men’s 45-49:

[youtube S07JfSvLiO4 580 380]

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Masters 45-49 Photo Gallery

2013 Worlds Master Men 45 49 Results

11USA19660117MYRAH DonaldUSA47:405
36FIN19680521ASPHOLM RogerFinkraftFIN49:185
42USA19670517SWANSON MurrayPeninsula Velo Racing/PeninsulaUSA50:105
58USA19650515WOZNIAK JerzyWinchester Wheelmen/WinchesterUSA50:135
65USA19660301BUTLER TimEvolution Racing Team-WAUSA50:555
710GER19640508WARMUTH RalfFinkraftGER51:035
89USA19641103CARD JonathanUSA51:065
921USA19680104CONANT BrianThe Pony ShopUSA51:075
104USA19680312WEINERT JeffWolverine Sports ClubUSA51:215
1114CAN19680716THIBAULT NormonFrontrunnersCAN52:185
1217USA19680131ROWELL MichaelBikeway Source/Bell Lap Racing/USA52:295
1339USA19660220LUCAS KeithBe Real SportsUSA53:315
1411USA19680508SMITH ChristopherHup UnitedUSA53:495
1515ESP19650225ALONSO DanielMMR BikesESP53:545
1628USA19650809MCSHANE MichaelBob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team/USA54:385
1733USA19641028STEPNIOWSKI WaldekTeam LUNA ChixUSA54:545
1830USA19660120BOLLENBERGHE RonaldUSA54:575
1920USA19640329COZZA CraigUPMC Cycling PerformanceUSA55:125
2041USA19641206BRAZEL MichaelOld Town Bicycle (OTB)USA55:175
2131USA19661007HUNTER ToddGarneau CustomUSA55:185
2218USA19680808DIVINEY DavidUSA55:215
2325USA19671024WEBER DavidTeam KappiusUSA55:475
2424USA19650710GATCH Velo CUSA55:575
2522USA19650215MANSELL JohnRally Sport Cycling TeamUSA56:085
2627USA19680917POHNDORF MarkFinkraftUSA56:115
277USA19681028MCNALLY DanielUSA56:385
2816USA19661021EVANS BrentRoberta SunUSA56:405
2923USA19680923MCCOMB DavidMen of Steel Racing /Men Of SteUSA56:515
3026USA19660324LORTIE ShawnRally Sport Cycling TeamUSA58:325
3142USA19680119HUDSON DouglasFeedback Sports RacingUSA@1Lap4
3264USA19660501MCINTOSH GeoffCorner Cycle Cycling ClubUSA@1Lap4
3332USA19661218KUHN RobertHup UnitedUSA@1Lap4
3437USA19660207PALLOTTO JosephTeam Lake Effect/Lake Effect CyUSA@1Lap4
3550USA19671027DIETRICK RobertMinerva Design Cycling Team/GenUSA@1Lap4
3649USA19680729SMITH CorySportif Coaching Group/WesternUSA@1Lap4
3736USA19671224BONI CarlRapid RacingUSA@1Lap4
3856USA19680408HOPKIN TimothyNorth Carolina CyclocrossUSA@1Lap4
3913GBR19660627SHERIDAN KeithCotswold veldrijdenGBR@1Lap4
4053USA19650402SCHOENING PaulTeam Plan CUSA@1Lap4
4176USA19651223GIL MORENO DE MORA RodrigoUSA@2Lap3
4251USA19680908ASPNES GaryCCB Racing/CCBUSA@2Lap3
4334USA19641107TARBOX JonathanExposition WheelmenUSA@2Lap3
4452GBR19670110HUTCHINSON petecotswold veldrijdenGBR@2Lap3
4544USA19651218CARLSON EricBlue Steel Cyclery /Blue SteelUSA@2Lap3
4657USA19650926GORRELL GregFeedback Sports RacingUSA@2Lap3
4735CAN19650505BUSCHLEN Scottshut up legsCAN@2Lap3
4859USA19671107BELLANTE JosephBio Wheels RacingUSA@2Lap3
4943USA19640313UNRUH JeffreySlimenundgrossenUSA@2Lap3
5061CAN19660923TARNOWSKI ChristopherWestwood VeloCAN@2Lap3
5148USA19660201MASCHKA DonNorth Iowa SpinUSA@2Lap3
5246USA19680118DONAT TrentMichelob Ultra - Big Shark RaciUSA@2Lap3
5360USA19651222SEILER MichaelRogue Racing ProjectUSA@3Lap2
5455USA19680602O'NEAL TreyCONTENDER BICYCLES/The ContendeUSA@3Lap2
5547USA19640624MCNAMEE SteveLe Scomparse Cycling TeamUSA@3Lap2
5663USA19651123FASCZEWSKI MarkVillage Volkswagen Elite CyclinUSA@3Lap2
5780CAN19640729COOK JamesCanadian Cycling MagazineCAN@3Lap2
5865USA19660203BOWMAN MarkusSouth Mountain CyclesUSA@3Lap2
5954USA19650415SCHMID MichaelReality BikesUSA@3Lap2
6073USA19650717WEISS PaulOA/CycleMania/Portland Velo CluUSA@3Lap2
6167USA19660527FITZGERALD CraigWoodlands Cycling Club Race TeaUSA@3Lap2
6262CAN19650119BILENKEY FooderyCAN@3Lap2
6345USA19680615CLEELAND ChrisMichelob Ultra - Big Shark RaciUSA@3Lap2
6474USA19660218WALDMAN BryanCFT-Sinas Dramis Law/CFT CyclinUSA@3Lap2
6568USA19660905ORGELDINGER VolkerCycletonUSA@3Lap2
6669USA19670704EASTLACK MathewSlimenundgrossenUSA@3Lap2
6758USA19641207WINDH RolfGuys Racing ClubUSA@3Lap2
6871USA19640712OHTA KayMain Street VeloUSA@3Lap2
6982USA19641027BERGER GeorgeBirdsong Brewing p/b Common MarUSA@3Lap2
7079USA19671116HOLTON AndrewUSA@3Lap2
7177USA19660616FERRARIO BrianUSA@3Lap2
7278USA19650501DILLS RobertKnoxVelo ClubUSA@3Lap2
7385USA19670113BYRON DBike HuggerUSA@3Lap2
7466USA19670616PAISANT PaulMock Orange BikesUSA@4Lap1
7586USA19680111SCHOTT SolCrosshairs CyclingUSA@4Lap1
7684USA19680117QUINN ChristopherMagnusUSA@4Lap1
DNF19USA19651117STEPHENSON HaroldRally Sport Cycling TeamUSA
DNF38USA19670908KOENEMAN BrianTeam Wheel & SprocketUSA
DNF40USA19640213SCHULZE MichaelBio Wheels RacingUSA
DNF70USA19681025MORRIS KennethWinchester Wheelmen/WinchesterUSA
DNF72USA19681213SMITH ShayneLos LocosUSA
DNF75USA19640623ALVAREZ J DevonCole SportUSA
DNS29USA19661114CASPER DanielRevolution Cycle/Twin SixUSA
DNS81USA19660927WEBER JohnColavita Racing Inc.USA
DNS83USA19641201DALLAS BrianVelo HangarUSA
DNS87USA19650929MYALL GannonCalifornia Giant CyclingUSA