LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – With three laps to go, Sven Baumann, Thomas Burke and Kevin McConnell were locked in a tight battle for the Masters 30-34 World title. However, when Baumann crashed, the field changed dramatically, with Burke fading backward and Turner bridging into the lead group. By then, McConnell had broken off the front, but a series of bobbles gave Turner the opportunity to catch up to make it a two up battle between the two epically-bearded men. With the frozen conditions and the sheer effort of their pursuit of the title, both men had thick icicles stuck to their beards. In the end, it was Turner who made the fewest mistakes and took the win, with Kevin McConnell right behind.


Kevin McConnell leading Thomas Turner © Cyclocross Magazine

Kevin McConnell leading Thomas Turner © Cyclocross Magazine

“I had a really fun time!” said McConnell. “The race went really well. I made a couple mistakes that Thomas was able to capitalize on in the end there. After two laps, my freehub body froze, so I wasn’t able to coast, and my chain kept falling off.  I got a bike from my lovely wife Brittany – thank you very much! I made it back up to the front, but had one more little bobble and my chain popped off.”

“It went well. It was an epic battle,” said Turner, whose second place last year surely motivated him to finish one step higher today. “This year we had a little bit of mud. I tried to race conservative and stay upright. I went down a couple of times but nothing too insurmountable. Played it safe, and had a good race. I can’t complain, everything went flawless.”

Thomas Turner With an Ice Stache © Cyclocross Magazine

Thomas Turner With an Ice Stache © Cyclocross Magazine

Interview with Thomas Turner:

[youtube _p3MZZfoKIk 580 380]

2013 Cyclocross World Championship Masters 30-34 Photo Gallery:

2013 Worlds Master Men 30-34 Results

14USA19820104TURNER ThomasTeam JamisUSA41:105
23USA19810101MCCONNELL KevinMercy-Specialized/Iowa City CycUSA41:295
31GER19801022BAUMANN SvenWolverine Sports ClubGER42:225
42USA19790720BURKE TomMidwest Cycling GroupUSA42:385
56USA19801112KLUCK JeffSC VeloUSA42:395
67USA19811015COLE BradKCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross TeamUSA43:415
75USA19810907COE AndrewEthos RacingUSA44:175
89USA19810809MONK JasonTeam WHAYNEUSA44:455
913USA19830406QUAGLIAROLI JesseExposition WheelmenUSA45:055
1011USA19791024HANCOCK ToddBerger Hardware BikesUSA45:065
1217USA19820212KURTZ JohnFlatlandia Cycling TeamUSA46:035
1320USA19791001BEELS MartenLamprey SystemsUSA46:455
1419CAN19790808DUBE CameronGearHeadsCAN47:585
1524USA19830311WEBSTER AndrewWooden Wheels RacingUSA48:205
1623USA19810709ARBOGAST DustyPro Mountain OutfittersUSA48:315
1715USA19790820WATERMAN KailinUSA@1Lap4
1826USA19820508ANNON NathanUSA@1Lap4
1932USA19811004ELLIOTT BrandonIron CyclesUSA@2Lap3
2018CAN19830721BOZEK ChristopherDark Horse FlyersCAN@2Lap3
2114CAN19820126POULTON nathanindependentCAN@2Lap3
2222USA19830101FISHNER BarretUSA@2Lap3
2321USA19790602SCHMALZER BradleyBikeman.comUSA@2Lap3
2425USA19820723FORTNER NeilWild Card CyclingUSA@2Lap3
2527USA19810718TOGOAN JosephReno WheelmenUSA@2Lap3
2612CAN19800519RIVERS GrahameDark Horse FlyersCAN@3Lap2
2729USA19790509BLANKENSHIP GeorgeNCVC/UnitedHealthcare/NationalUSA@4Lap1
DNF10USA19790626JONES ThomasScalo VeloceUSA
DNF16USA19831022BALDWIN MichaelTri PowerUSA

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