LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – In a hotly contested battle that saw heavy favorite and defending World Champion Pete Webber suffer a mechanical disaster, it was Trek’s Mark Savery who ran a clean race and comfortably took the lead to secure the win. Behind Savery was East Coast favorite Mike Yozell, who was met with cheering fans at the finish line.

Mark Savery powered to the Master 40-44 World Title with a clean race on a muddy day © Cyclocross Magazine

Mark Savery powered to the Master 40-44 World Title with a clean race on a muddy day © Cyclocross Magazine

With the frozen conditions of the morning melting under the cloudless sky, the 40-44 men found a completely different race than the early starters. The mud was thick, yet the ambient temperature still frozen, leaving the the few power washers inoperable and forcing pit crews to chisel and scrub clogged bikes by hand.

Though it was Todd Bowden who took the holeshot, Webber gained an early lead with Spanish racer Marco Prieto. The two battled back and forth for a lap before Webber began to gain the upper hand, leading the race in solo fashion as Savery slowly began to gain on the Spaniard.

Webber and Prieto looked to make it a two-man race early on © Cyclocross Magazine

Webber and Prieto looked to make it a two-man race early on © Cyclocross Magazine

The well-known script of Webber riding off with the win, however, began to change as the problems in the pit began to make the difference. “I don’t think I’ve ever done a race like that before,” said Webber. “The mud was so thick, and as soon as it hit the bike it froze right one. No power washers in the pit at all. I was still pitting, but I’d get back on the bike and it was exactly the same as when I dropped it off.”

Webber’s lead first was cut in half by a bobble in the pits, when the rider got caught up with the course tape. The next time through, however, was worse: “I ripped my derailleur off.” Luckily, this happened immediately after grabbing a new bike, but Webber still had to turn around in the pit and run back as Savery sailed by. “I had to do two laps on the same bike after that. I had one gear, couldn’t shift, the bike weighed fifty pounds. Two other guys passed me, and I just stayed with it and got third in the end. It made it an incredible race. You can’t win every one; I’m happy I was able to salvage it. Mark Savery’s been working really hard, he deserves it.”

Savery, not one to look such a gift in the mouth, continued on to ride a clean race, slowly building up a lead as behind him Webber, Prieto and Micheal Yozell fought for the rest of the podium. As both Webber and Prieto struggled with heavy bikes, Yozell found his line and moved into second, holding the others off to the line. A last lap derailluer snap by Prieto allowed Webber to catch back on to the Spaniard’s wheel, and the two fought it out for third.

“We had a bit of a battle royal,” said Webber. “I passed him on the last descent by taking a kamikaze line. This is probably the longest season I’ve ever done, and today was the hardest race of the year, no doubt.”

Yozell, too, was pleased with the difficult race. “That was real good. I got out front early. I had one little misshift and came back to tenth place, then fought back up. I had a fantastic pit crew. No complaints except for second, but Mark totally deserves it. We worked hard for this, so I knew I had a shot. “

“I’m speechless,” said Savery of his World title. “It was a phenomenal day on the bike. At first, I thought those guys were maybe going out too hard. I was a little concerned because they put gaps on early. The Challenge Limus tires were phenomenal, we had it dialed in the pits, and I had a completely clean race. That’s what it came down to, those guys were wobbling in the pits, and I kept it clean.”

“I couldn’t believe they were right there at first. I could hear Richard on the mike, and knew that they were having problems. So I kept plugging away and plugging away and finding faster lines out there. It all came together.”

“I’ll be hitting the bourbon here in another hour!”

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2013 Worlds Master Men 40 44 Results

13USA19710708SAVERY MarkMidwest Cycling Community NEUSA49:495
25USA19690106YOZELL MichaelKapelmuur IndependentUSA50:275
31USA19700103WEBBER PeterBoulder Cycle SportUSA50:355
46ESP19730906PRIETO MarcoMMR BikesESP50:405
52USA19711117DWIGHT BrandonBoulder Cycle SportUSA53:195
67USA19700716BAKER EdwardTeam KappiusUSA53:235
727USA19701003FINNERTY BrianCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/SpUSA53:305
88USA19700315HLUDZINSKI BrianBoulder Cycle SportUSA53:455
99USA19711218SMITH ShaddKCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross TeamUSA54:255
1012USA19690125WEHN KennyStans Notubes Elite Womens TeamUSA54:325
1115USA19690919ROBSON MichaelMOOTSUSA54:425
1221USA19710723DAVIES MattBoulder Cycle SportUSA54:485
1311USA19691014ELLISTON WilliamMid Atlantic Cycling ClubUSA55:085
1548USA19710417FLORES AnastasioCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/SpUSA56:005
1618USA19710311AUER KristopherCharm City Cycling LLCUSA56:075
1714CAN19700820STEWART MikeTri Cities Road ClubCAN56:385
1819USA19701201MARINI GregUSA57:185
1916USA19730801BONDS PaulOklahoma City Velo ClubUSA57:485
2017USA19720701FRITZINGER MicahMcDonalds Cycling Team/PelotonUSA57:565
2126USA19720301JOHNSON MenkoPeninsula Velo Racing/PeninsulaUSA58:195
2228USA19710519MARSHALL BillKCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross TeamUSA58:405
2325USA19710409WEAVER DaveALAN North America CyclingUSA58:595
2435USA19700220HAUSDOERFFER William ""Tyson""KS Energy Services / Team WiscoUSA59:185
2520USA19710218ROJAS RaulDCMTBUSA59:455
2636USA19700618STOLTE WilliamTradeWind Energy Cycling TeamUSA@1 LAP4
2724USA19691001SCOTT MatthewFiets Met SlagroomUSA@1 LAP4
2842USA19730528NEELY EricUSA@1 LAP4
2955USA19720413LOMBARDO JonathanFinkraftUSA@1 LAP4
3032USA19710425SMITH MichaelCycle City RacingUSA@1 LAP4
3130USA19730301LAZAR CiUSA@1 LAP4
3241USA19710120KELLER GregoryBoulder Cycle SportUSA@1 LAP4
3360USA19700727PARSE MatthewArrow Bicycle/Route 1 VeloUSA@1 LAP4
3433USA19731128LARINO DanielPete's Bike & Fitness/Century RUSA@1 LAP4
3539USA19710623STABY BrianCX NationUSA@2 LAP3
3640USA19710122HALL TimothyFt. Wayne OutfittersUSA@2 LAP3
3731USA19730117KAREW Velo CUSA@2 LAP3
3929USA19710131HENDRICKS WilliamMountain View CyclesUSA@2 LAP3
4046USA19710120RODOSTA GaryBreakaway VeloUSA@2 LAP3
4151USA19700611GALLEGOS Patrick8 Sixteen RacingUSA@2 LAP3
4354USA19730706ION GabrielTread Head CyclingUSA@2 LAP3
4473USA19691117HALL TimothyNashvilleCyclist.comUSA@2 LAP3
4576USA19690208RUSSELL PatrickWolverine Sports ClubUSA@2 LAP3
4652CAN19700519OLIVE FooderyCAN@2 LAP3
4769USA19720801HERRMANN ScotTeam Dayton BicyclingUSA@2 LAP3
4837USA19711219BIRNER MichaelSportif Coaching Group/WesternUSA@2 LAP3
4978USA19691004O'LOUGHLIN JamesTeam HungryUSA@2 LAP3
5062USA19690508JONES ChristopherSalvagetti/Happy Coffee CyclocrUSA@2 LAP3
5134USA19720305MARENCHIN ErnestoTwin SixUSA@2 LAP3
5261USA19731211WARDEN EricCycle-Smart Inc.USA@2 LAP3
5556USA19701211SWIFT LutherNational Capital Velo Club/UnitUSA@2 LAP3
5647USA19711212O'CONNOR RyanUSA@2 LAP3
5785USA19730525BORN MarkVelo 16 BSGUSA@2 LAP3
5871USA19730207GILHOUSEN MatthewTradeWind Energy Cycling TeamUSA@2 LAP3
5965USA19720802HATLEY JosephUSA@2 LAP3
6064USA19700423ROGERS BradyLitespeed-BMWUSA@3 LAP2
6158USA19710205VANLIERE MarkHup UnitedUSA@3 LAP2
6266USA19710707PHILIPPONE DouglasUSA@3 LAP2
6353USA19710621LEOPOLD ChristopherLos LocosUSA@3 LAP2
6468USA19720411BENSON ScottUSA@3 LAP2
6559CAN19710109APSE Edgarsblacksmith cycleCAN@3 LAP2
6623USA19730422BROCKET JPEthos RacingUSA@3 LAP2
6779USA19710126MACFARLAND ChristopherxXx RacingUSA@3 LAP2
6886USA19710829WHITFIELD MichaelHup UnitedUSA@3 LAP2
6943USA19730418CARRAWAY DougTeam Six One FourUSA@3 LAP2
7080USA19720707MARTINEZ JorgeCyclocross Project 2015USA@3 LAP2
7167USA19730223WELKER MichaelPrimal Wear - McDonald-AudiUSA@3 LAP2
7296USA19700430HADLEY JerryTeam Tripower/Tri PowerUSA@3 LAP2
7372USA19700607WOODROW PeterHub Endurance ChattanoogaUSA@3 LAP2
7488USA19690716SHEELEY PatrickUSA@3 LAP2
7577USA19721229DOSIER CurtParamount Racing/OCW/ParamountUSA@3 LAP2
DNF10CAN19690929BOWDEN ToddExposition WheelmenCAN
DNF50USA19691028DEGELE JohnStorm Racing TeamUSA
DNF13CAN19710601SUTTON AndreHardcore Cycling ClubCAN
DNF74USA19691128MCNAMARA MatthewSterling Sports GroupUSA
DNF87USA19710703PETERSON ToddSomerville Bicycle ShopUSA
DNS38USA19730602MORGAN AlexanderSun Adventure SportsUSA
DNS63USA19731020HOSANG MichaelTri PowerUSA
DNS70USA19691015JOHNSON DavidMaumee Valley WheelmenUSA
DSQ95USA19690311THORNTON GaryCharm City Cycling LLCUSA