Day 2 of the Major Taylor Cross Cup delivered plenty of mud.

Under similar conditions to Day 1, could Saturday’s winners repeat on Day 2?

Elite Women

In the women’s race, that certainly was the case although she had different podium mates.

The first-place winner was “run4funner” Sunny Gilbert. She also won Day 1’s race, using her footspeed to her advantage. Runner up was Anna Megale with Lizzy Gunsalus completing the podium.

2021 Major Taylor Cross Cup Day 2 Results: Elite Women

14Sunny GILBERTBlue Competition Cycles p/b Bui50:14.6
23Anna MEGALETrek Cyclocross Collective51:01.6
36Lizzy GUNSALUSMarian University51:20.6
410Jennifer MALIKParadise Garage Racing p/b Sman51:27.6
51Erica ZAVETAThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG51:53.6
65Emily WERNERKens Bike Shop52:09.6
77Lauren ZOERNERAlpha Bicycle Company-Groove Si52:55.6
82Hannah ARENSMANSycamore Cycles53:13.6
98Austin KILLIPSPratt Racing54:08.6
1028Traci JUDGE55:45.6
1111Erin FELDHAUSENTrek Cyclocross Collective56:13.6
129Maria LARKINDonkey Label Racing p/b FK Law56:32.6
1324Ivy AUDRAINHandup + The Black Bibs Racing56:48.6
1426Caitlin NEUMAN56:49.6
1521Brooke LYMAN38:53.5
1623Alijah BEATTYMarian University38:55.5
1727Rachel RUBINOPratt Racing39:53.4
1929Sarah LARSONBonsai Endurance / Zone 641:32.4
2030Ivy PEDERSENMTCX / FORC32:11.3
2125Laura ALAGNAThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG33:27.3

Elite Men

From second on Day 1 to first place on Day 2, Scott Funston used his Pacific Northwest mud skills to seal the deal. Caleb Swartz claimed second and Jules Van Kempen grabbed third.

2021 Major Taylor Cross Cup Day 2 Results: Elite Men

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
14Scott FUNSTONBlue Competition Cycles p/b Bui58:22.7:22.8
23Caleb SWARTZGiant/Neff Cycle Service58:34.7:27.8
36Jules VAN KEMPENAlpha Bicycle Company - Groove59:00.7:37.8
48Cody CUPPRiders Inc59:30.7:49.8
51Gosse VAN DER MEERBombtrack Bicycles p/b Hunt Whe59:44.7:52.8
610Jonathan ANDERSONJ moneyz factory racing1:00:11.7:42.8
711Ross ELLWOODAlpha Bicycle Co. - Groove Silv1:00:14.7:38.8
842Allan SCHROEDER1:00:30.7:30.8
938Casey HILDEBRANDTDonkey Label1:00:36.7:44.8
105Daxton MOCKTrek Cyclocross Collective1:00:45.7:44.8
1132Dillon MCNEILLTrek Cyclocross Collective1:00:57.7:46.8
122Andrew DILLMANRigd-Leitner1:01:28.7:45.8
137Brian MATTERLinear Sport Racing1:02:12.8:29.8
1427Rory JACKThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG1:02:31.7:58.8
1543Cody KAISERLangeTwins / Specialized1:02:44.7:54.8
169Andrew GINIATThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG1:02:45.7:39.8
1720Matthew RILEYLinear Sport / Trek1:02:50.7:54.8
1845Tyler CLOUTIERTCCX1:03:05.7:54.8
1937Michael LARSONRed Kite Fund1:03:15.7:52.8
2030Eric THOMPSONMSPEEDWAX1:03:47.8:10.8
2139Lucas STIERWALTMarian University1:04:08.8:16.8
2234Mark MYLESBe Real Sports1:04:23.8:05.8
2333Terol PURSELLForever Endurance1:04:41.10:08.8
2418Nick CARTERNorthStar Development1:05:06.8:28.8
2523Ryder UETRECHTMarian University1:06:14.9:10.8
2647Travis LIVERMON49:08.8:28.6
2741Peter SWINAND49:23.8:17.6
2829Luke ARENSMarian University49:26.8:16.6
2935John Paul AMALONGUSAC ODA49:29.8:06.6
3044Nathan KNOWLESMarian University50:17.8:55.6
3124Ethan JEDLICKAASU Junior Development / Marian41:45.8:38.5
3231Trevor AUGUSTFinkraft Cycling Team41:58.8:33.5
3328Michael SANDERS42:00.8:31.5
3415Seamus OCONNOR-WALKERDonkey Label42:35.8:49.5
3517Josh BAUERAngry Catfish - Endura42:45.8:53.5
3626Andrew LOAIZAMettle Cycling p/b Leave It On42:47.8:55.5
3725Nicholas F TABARESASU Devo Pro CX43:27.9:53.5
3848Henry MCALVANAHTrek Cyclocross Colletive34:35.9:07.4
3919Jon OKENFUSSMaplewood Bicycle34:35.8:56.4
4036Shawn GEIGER35:05.8:35.4
4146Mark HEWITTJAM / NCC35:08.8:53.4
DNS16Jeremy BLOYD-PESHKINThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG0
DNS22Eli HOUSEMarian University0
DNS40Kyle JOHNSONGiant Bicycles/ HiFi Sound Elit0

Junior Women

Samantha Clark doubled up on Sunday, with Carrie Masters in second place for Day 2. Callah Robinson completed the podium.

2021 Major Taylor Cross Cup Day 2 Results: Junior Women

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
164Samantha CLARKBe Real Sports39:33.9:40.4
262Carrie MASTERSLionhearts Junior Racing41:09.10:14.4
351Callah ROBINSONNW CX Project42:28.10:33.4
463Brinley SHRUMMidwest Devo43:03.11:04.4
552Alexa STIERWALTAether Racing43:56.10:48.4
661Emma BALDINGNine13sports p/b Singleton Coac48:06.12:13.4

Junior Men

Gus Bratetic was undefeated on the weekend in the UCI Junior Men’s division. Henry Conway took second ahead of Asa Child.

2021 Major Taylor Cross Cup Day 2 Results: Junior Men

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
151Gus BRATETICBe Real Sports39:52.7:59.5
253Henry CONAWAYMidwestdevo40:01.7:40.5
352Asa CHILDVelo Childeric40:07.7:58.5
455Elias SAIGHAdapt cycling41:28.8:09.5
563Luke ROBINSONBoulder Junior Cycling41:28.8:04.5
664Dylan SCHROEDERASU Junior Development42:55.8:40.5
766Adam PTASZEKRbikes44:35.9:02.5
865Nathan ZOLLMANNorthStar Development Cycling47:46.9:59.5
967Samuel ELLIOTTASU Junior Development28:21.4
DNF61William Broden KELLYnine13 sports p/b Singleton Coa9:23.1
DNS54Phillip EMMERTOPE! Development Racing0
DNS62Ahmir AYALALionheartracinng0
DNS68Gavin WEINSTEINLionhearts0

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