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by Ricoh Riott

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina—Racers were left battling for the podium's lower steps as Matthew Timmerman ( controlled the Masters 40-44 National Championship race in Asheville today.

Justin Robinson (Santa Cruz Factory Racing) and Steven Stefko (First City Cycling Team) took second and third after a fierce final moment, with Johannes Huseby (Boulder CycleSport/ YogaGlo) trailing a few seconds behind.

Warming conditions greeted racers as they headed off the the start, with a group of five riders soon pulling away from the main bunch, headed by Timmerman. While initially appearing happy to sit with the others, Timmerman’s strength was too much and within a lap he stretched his gap to 15 seconds.

Robinson attacked and attempted to reach the race leader but only succeeded in putting time between himself and the remaining three riders in the initial bunch. Robinson has raced Nationals since 1990, and was pleased with his second place, using every tooth of his 42x36 gearing to ride the run-up.

The race for the remaining podium spots heated up in the last laps with Huseby, Stefko and Eneas Freyre (TTEndurance) catching an apparently fading Robinson as Timmerman sat comfortably 30 seconds ahead. This group fought amongst themselves before Robinson again attacked and pulled away managing to stay ahead just long enough to take the second step from Stefko. Huseby fell behind after tripping on a barrier but managed to hang on for fourth, just shy of the podium.

In our post-race interview Timmerman said he felt the condition of the course suited his skills from riding in his native Connecticut.

Molly Cameron was able to take the start after a change in ruling by USA Cycling to disregard her driver’s license gender. She would ride into the top five before finishing seventh.

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2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Men's 40-44 Full Results

1Matthew TIMMERMAN49:14.
2Justin ROBINSONSanta Cruz Factory Racing49:32.
3Steven STEFKOFirst City Cycling Team49:34.
4Johannes HUSEBYBoulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo49:45.
5Eneas FREYRETTEndurance50:01.
6Alec DONAHUEJAM / NCC / Vittoria50:13.
7Molly CAMERONPortland Bicycle Studio51:01.
8Eric ANDERSONZIPP Masters Team52:08.
9Craig FAULKNERCounty Cycles Masters CX p/b Tr52:29.
10Grant HOLICKYEvol Elite Racing52:31.
11Joshua WHITMOREGreenlife-Organic Valley p/b Hi52:32.
12David SHEEKSDG - Muscle Monster52:47.
13Alan KRUEGERKS Energy Services / MOSH / Tea52:50.
14Jason HARTMANGroove Subaru Excel Sports52:50.
15Joshua JOHNSONMichelob Ultra - Big Shark Raci52:58.
16Austin WALKERIndustry Nine Cycling Team p/b52:59.
17Jake ORNESS53:04.
18Andrew MESSERTeam Upland Brewing53:04.
19Craig MATTERNPark Ave Bike Shop53:33.
20Paul BONDSSoundpony Triad Bank53:33.
21Edwin BULLVan Dessel Factory Team53:34.
22David FREIFELDERWestwood Velo53:54.
23Christopher BLAKEHappy Tooth Racing54:08.
24Sage ALDEBARANCX Nation54:13.
25Daniel LARINOCentury Road Club Of America54:36.
26Jacob MCGAHEYIndustry Nine Cycling Team p/b54:37.
27Steven WILLIAMSRecycled Cycles Racing54:39.
28Olivier VRAMBOUTWaffle Power Cycling Club54:40.
29Jay LAZARC3-Twenty20cycling.com54:51.
30Dave FARRELL55:20.
31Jamie BELCHAKSquadra Flying Tigers55:26.
32Ira RYAN55:36.
33Justin MCKEANLive It Xtream Sports & Race Te55:53.
34David SELLARS55:54.
35Wesley GARLAND56:00.
36Craig VETTORIJoes Garage56:05.
38Jared NELSON47:24.
39Connell PATTERSONPeachtree Bikes47:28.
40Kevin COOPERRevolution Cycles NC47:28.
41Chris BAKER47:36.
42James PITTMANCrosstown Velo47:47.
43Darren COMERLitespeed-BMW48:05.
44Brett RUMBLEThe Spirited Cyclist Cycling Cl38:29.
45Corbitt BOURNE38:29.
46Eric R WYZGANew England Cycling Team38:30.
47Jean-Paul MCNEELY38:33.
48Bc ROBERTSSlippery Sasquatch38:34.
49Adam PEREZHappy Tooth Racing38:48.
50Jason CYRTeam Novo Nordisk Elite38:52.
51Nathan SIBLY38:54.
52Steve BENNETTLiving Water Cycling39:00.
53Kimani NIELSENCrosshairs Cycling39:09.
54Travis WERTS39:14.
55Jason MORGANCrosstown Velo39:14.
56Peter MATHERNFinish Strong Elite Cycling Tea39:16.
57Charley DEANLees Cyclery-Trek Bikes39:53.
58Jon LEE39:58.
59Brad HAWKTeam Bikenetic40:08.
60Paul FRANCISTri-Cyclists BRC40:10.
61John WEIGELCone Health/cycles de ORO40:11.
62Alan WAGESCycle-Smart Inc.40:12.
63Joseph HATLEY40:13.
64Gregory AHNERTLamprey Systems40:14.
65Michael SCOTT30:22.
66Adam SPEARSMatrix/RBM30:23.
67Matthew DELISACyclocrossworld30:32.
68Jeff CURRYTruefit Racing30:39.
69Jeff BINFORD30:51.
70Jeff CARLSENMSG Cyclocross31:08.
71Chris CHOTASLitespeed-BMW31:09.
72Brad DASHABD Cycling Team31:13.
73Eric GRIFFINSEAVS/Haymarket31:21.
74Trent LONGProvision PEAK Performance Team31:26.
75Toby SMITHDallas Bike Works31:32.
76Doug CARRAWAYVeloscience Cycling Team31:35.
77Bradley HAYESJs Bikes Racing31:53.
78Kevin WATTCyclocross Team31:54.
79Scott RICHARDSONThe Revolting Cogs32:08.
80Christopher MORRISGreat Dane Velo Club (GDVC)32:14.
81Tony ZAFFINOVelosports Racing32:15.
82Peter SUPERHagens Berman-Society Consultin22:08.
83Robert DEROSE22:21.
84Bernd GREIMELInfinity Racing/Tom Williams BM22:45.
85David MCDANIELPrivateer Cyclocross Chattanoog23:31.

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Masters 40-44. 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

Molly Cameron on course in the Masters 40-44. 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

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