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by Ricoh Riott

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina—Clawing his way to the front of the pack from a fifth row start, Victor Sheldon passed 2015 National Champion Craig Cozza (UPMC/Pro Bikes) on his way to victory today in Asheville, his first trip to Cyclocross Nationals.

After the gap between them extended to half a minute at one point, Cozza pulled in closer in the final laps but still ended up 19 seconds adrift of the new National Champion.

Victor Sheldon rolls into the downhill

Victor Sheldon rolls into the downhill

Behind them, Ralf Warmuth fought to match his 2015 third place result against Darron Cheek (CROSS PROPZ RACING) but was edged out by six seconds on the line by Cheek. 

Mirroring comments we’ve been hearing from racers all day, Sheldon had high praise for the course at Biltmore Estate this year. “The courses that we have out West don’t even compare,” he told Cyclocross Magazine in an interview after the race.

2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Men's 50-54 Full Results

1Victor SHELDON42:28.
2Craig COZZAUPMC/ Pro Bikes42:47.
4Ralf WARMUTH43:59.
5Jw MILLEREriks Bike Club/Eriks Bike Sho44:21.
6Todd CASSANRally Sport Cycling Team44:31.
7Andrew AUGUSTGenesee Valley Cycling Club44:48.
8Eric SCHLAUCHSomerset Wheelmen44:58.
9Michael MCSHANEVO245:02.
10Ronald BOLLENBERGHE45:03.
11Charles STORMStorm Racing Team45:19.
12Donald SEIBNEXT-BMB45:40.
13Paul RICHARDRiverside Racing46:08.
14Jerzy WOZNIAKBicycle Outfitters Racing Team46:14.
15Richard MCCLUNGLake Washington Velo46:16.
16Erik GRIMMGenesee Valley Cycling Club46:17.
17Doug GRAVERMafia Racing46:21.
18John Paul MCCARTHYSRAM Factory46:58.
19Todd HUNTERWenzel Coaching Junior Developm46:59.
20Greg FERGUSONVerge Sport/Test Pilot47:03.
21Mark FEATHERMANGuys Racing Club47:18.
22Mark FISHERKUHL47:23.
23Paul LASTAYOKUHL47:29.
24Dirk POHLMANN47:48.
25Patrick CUNNINGHAMHorst Engineering Masters Cycli47:52.
26Raymond ZEIMETGuys Racing Club47:58.
27Geoffrey HOUSENorthampton Cycling Club48:12.
28Todd ANDERSENSummit City Cyclocross Team48:16.
29Charlie (Jimmy) BRUNERNorth Carolina Cyclocross48:33.
30Tim BOUNDYVerdigris-Village CX Team48:35.
31Richard CARAMADREKUHL48:39.
32Brent EVANS48:49.
33David GERRERCrosstown Velo48:53.
34David KAHLTeam ProPower Coaching48:54.
35Brian SHIELDSTeam Carytown Bicycle Company49:04.
36Thomas MANDERFELDDonkey Label49:21.
37Chris OLSONPlanetary Cycles Racing Team49:29.
38Geoff MCINTOSHCorner Cycle Cycling Club49:31.
39Christopher SHOTWELLSRAM Factory49:32.
40James COATS49:34.
41Frank SMITHFeedback Sports Racing49:36.
42Jess COUCH49:42.
43Patrick RIMRONCycletherapy49:46.
44Sean RUNNETTESportybooks!49:49.
46Michael CURTESMilwaukee Bicycle Company Racin50:14.
47Chris ST PETER50:20.
48David LOWEPhiladelphia Ciclismo50:29.
49Joseph DAUBDeluxx Bicycles50:30.
50Randal WARRENDowntown Asheville Racing Club50:55.
51Peter SCHULTZTeam Bikenetic51:05.
52Scott STAHLSEAVS/Haymarket51:14.
54John BURKHARDTHup United51:31.
55Mark GUNSALUSSports T.E.A.M.51:48.
56T Scott THOMPSONSquadra Coppi51:56.
57Mark JORDANJA King MTB Team52:07.
58Michael BELANGERCycle To Fitness Racing Greyhou52:12.
59Jeffrey HILLIGOSSAngry Catfish52:18.
60David PARKERBicycle Heaven / PVA52:30.
61William IRVING42:01.
62Thom LIEURANCEGreen Mountain Sports Velo31:40.
63Alan WILLEYQueen City Wheels32:02.
64Jeff MCCONAGHY32:04.
65Doan PENDLETONDSB Cycling32:04.
66John WITMERGMBC/Synergy Fitness32:15.
67Randy MURRAYRevolutionCycleSports p/b Loner32:36.
68James LINNTen27 Cycling Club32:51.
69Scott HOUSE33:06.
70Michael SHENKEmbros Bicycle Club33:06.
71Paul WATKINSOKCVC Bike Lab33:08.
72Douglas CARRPure Energy Racing33:24.
73Lawrence CZARNECKIMicro Metals/Bike Zoo33:29.
74Daniel LEEVelo Fratello p/b Bay Equity Ho33:30.
75Neil MYERS34:01.
76Joseph FORTINHigh Desert Bicycles Team22:45.
77Arthur DANFYSpinx Bike Race Team22:46.
78Gary SNYDEREvolution Racing23:03.
79Jeffrey SMITH23:33.
80Andrew DANFYSpinx Bike Race Team24:41.
81Andrew FEEHANCyclocrossworld25:07.
82Mark FASCZEWSKITrek Greensboro Generals25:08.
83Matthew SNOW25:43.

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Craig Cozza held on for second place. © R. Riott / Cyclocross Magazine

Craig Cozza held on for second place. © R. Riott / Cyclocross Magazine

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