Zach McDonald chased Page for the majority of the race, but couldn't close the gap © Focal Flame Photography

Zach McDonald chased Page for the majority of the race, but couldn’t close the gap © Focal Flame Photography

On the heels of Nationals, there was perhaps an even more exciting behind-the-scenes contest happening: the decision as to who would fill the discretionary spots on the US Worlds team. We already covered the qualification process and looked at who already had slots: Jonathan Page, Jeremy Powers, Katie Compton, Kaitie Antonneau, Zach McDonald and Logan Owen were guarantees, but with six spots for men and women and five for U23 and 17-18 juniors, the selection was far from finished.

Today, USA Cycling announced their final selections for the Worlds team.  Our lap time analysis from the 2013 Elite Men’s race at Nationals shows that first-time Elite selection Danny Summerhill has the form to warrant such a selection.

Based on Sunday’s performances, perhaps the biggest surprise is that Nicole Duke (Alchemy), with her second-consecutive third place at Nationals, did not make the team, while Meredith Miller and Sunday’s standout Jade Wilcoxson did.  As with any team selection process, someone will be disappointed and Duke was, saying on Twitter, “my heart sunk a little, bummed to not be selected.” But the Colorado-based racer may have known it was an uphill battle with her up-and-down season, and had posted pre-Nationals on Facebook: “…Sunday just step up and race, season done, thank you.”

Full USA 2013 Louisvillle World Championship team roster:


  1. Jonathan Page
  2. Jeremy Powers
  3. Tim Johnson
  4. Ryan Trebon
  5. Jamey Driscoll
  6. Danny Summerhill


  1. Katie Compton
  2. Kaitie Antonneau
  3. Georgia Gould
  4. Jade Wilcoxson
  5. Amy Dombroski
  6. Meredith Miller


  1. Zach McDonald
  2. Andrew Dillman
  3. Skyler Trujillo
  4. Tobin Ortenblad
  5. Joshua Johnson


  1. Logan Owen
  2. Curtis White
  3. Maxx Chance
  4. David Lombardo
  5. Stephen Bassett

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