checking 2013 lap times from the 2013 cyclocross national championships photo: wwarby on flickr

checking lap times from the 2013 cyclocross national championships photo: wwarby on flickr

By now, we all know the results of the 2013 Cyclocross National Championships, but what cyclocross dorks like us like to do is look at the race within the race: Lap times and split times.

Being able to analyze the performance, consistency and speed of a rider is one of the awesome benefits of electronic timing, even if it’s not perfect or complete, as in the case of the data below (USA Cycling data duplicates one lap, and is missing the first lap plus the starting straight times). Racers, in the case of Danny Summerhill’s situation, might even use such data to make a case for “what could have been” had he not had a flat tire or mechanical, in his hopes for a Worlds Team selection (see the official 2013 USA World Championship team roster here).

Consistency Is Key

One clear conclusion after looking at the times is that consistency is key to a top result, even if consistency doesn’t guarantee a top result. Consistent lap times often reveals not just consistent pacing, but a lack of mechanicals and crashes.

In the 2013 Elite Men’s National Championships race, Jonathan Page had great legs on the day and was clearly happy with his win, despite saying in our video interview that it wasn’t the best race of his life. A look at the lap times below shows his speed, and for at least four of the seven full laps (2, 4, 5, 7), Page clocked the fastest lap times, which shouldn’t be surprising given that he won. What is surprising is how consistent Page was in his lap times, varying them only by nine seconds for all six laps we have data for. That’s just 1.8%! That was by far the most consistent performance of the day of the Elite Men. Spencer Paxon, in 17th place was second most consistent with a 14 second variance in his times, and bronze medalist Jamey Driscoll was next with lap times that varied by just 16 seconds.

Ignoring the last lap, when racers often sit up knowing their position is secure, or that a podium or goal is secure or out of sight, Page remains the most consistent, with Driscoll (11 seconds) second and then Zach McDonald and Powers tied for third most consistent (12 seconds variance).

Interesting for us journalist types, especially when reflecting on our own reporting of the race, is that strong late race performances are often just a result of consistent lap times, while others are fading or sitting up, not a late-race burst of speed. In the case of Jeremy Powers, who moved up dramatically through the field after being well back after two laps, it was just those consistent lap times, averaging 8:44, that had him passing racers like Ryan Trebon, Jeremy Durrin, and Justin Lindine to close in on sixth place. Barry Wicks and Troy Wells also had similar consistent lap times and landed top ten finishes.

What Could Have Been

Lap times also can be painful reminders of “what could have been.” In Danny Summerhill’s case, after a blazing fast start that saw Summerhill in the lead on lap one (lap one times are missing), a flat tire and rear wheel mechanical slowed him down, but lap times show that his early race speed wasn’t a fluke. Summerhill clocked the fastest times on laps five and six, and second fastest final lap, and clearly was on great form. Prior to Nationals, Summerhill switched to United Health care and told Cyclocross Magazine he hoped they’d keep his 2013 Worlds ambitions in mind in planning his 2013 season. Looking at lap times, he certainly has a case that his form justifies a Worlds team selection.

The biggest variance in lap times belongs to Ryan Trebon, who stopped to take  “a little break in the pits and used a screw driver to try and chisel some out [ice] for the last 2 laps” according to his Tweet, had a lengthy 10:01 lap time as a result, giving him a 1:33 variance in lap times.

Sort all finisher’s lap times per lap in the table below (may not work on mobile phones). All starter lap times are in the bottom table.

Stay tuned as we bring you a look at the women’s lap times.

Update: View the full 2013 USA Cyclocross World Championship team for Louisville just announced.

2013 Cyclocross National Championships Elite Men: Lap Times, Split Times - Only Non-Lapped Racers

PlaceNameLap 2Lap 3Lap 4Lap 5Lap 6Lap 7Totaldifference
1Jonathan PAGE0:08:190:08:180:08:130:08:140:08:100:08:130:49:270:00:09
2Zach MCDONALD0:08:260:08:160:08:150:08:140:08:160:08:480:50:150:00:34
3James DRISCOLL0:08:270:08:270:08:160:08:220:08:220:08:320:50:260:00:16
4Daniel SUMMERHILL0:08:540:09:040:08:380:08:140:08:060:08:160:51:120:00:58
5Timothy JOHNSON0:08:360:08:370:08:320:08:410:08:230:08:470:51:360:00:24
6Jeremy POWERS0:08:420:08:470:08:350:08:390:08:420:09:010:52:260:00:26
7Ryan TREBON0:08:280:08:370:08:390:08:400:10:010:08:470:53:120:01:33
8Troy WELLS0:08:490:09:010:08:420:08:570:09:010:08:500:53:200:00:19
10Barry WICKS0:09:070:09:140:08:530:08:560:08:580:08:500:53:580:00:24
9Jeremy DURRIN0:08:430:09:040:09:270:09:030:08:560:09:010:54:140:00:44
11Isaac NEFF0:09:150:09:010:08:590:08:500:08:520:09:210:54:180:00:31
12Brian MATTER0:09:330:09:170:08:590:09:060:08:450:08:540:54:340:00:48
18Mitchell HOKE0:09:120:09:120:09:060:09:160:09:060:08:490:54:410:00:27
15Anthony CLARK0:09:160:09:300:08:550:09:220:08:550:08:560:54:540:00:35
16Adam CRAIG0:09:080:09:350:09:210:09:060:08:470:08:580:54:550:00:48
17Spencer PAXSON0:09:150:09:120:09:140:09:040:09:010:09:100:54:560:00:14
20Erik TONKIN0:09:160:09:500:08:530:08:560:09:060:08:550:54:560:00:57
14Dan TIMMERMAN0:09:130:09:070:09:060:09:330:09:010:09:030:55:030:00:32
13Justin LINDINE0:08:300:08:330:09:470:09:220:09:280:09:280:55:080:01:17
22Taylor CARRINGTON0:09:370:09:220:09:080:09:230:09:050:09:000:55:350:00:37
19Tristan SCHOUTEN0:09:170:09:030:09:050:09:270:09:180:09:270:55:370:00:24
21Braden KAPPIUS0:09:240:09:300:09:230:09:180:09:060:09:400:56:210:00:34
23Eric THOMPSON0:10:080:09:070:09:120:09:170:09:140:09:270:56:250:01:01
25Tim ALLEN0:09:450:09:420:09:090:09:130:09:410:09:180:56:480:00:36
24Sean BABCOCK0:09:170:09:210:09:100:09:240:10:250:09:260:57:030:01:15
26Jared NIETERS0:09:270:09:390:09:230:09:180:09:450:09:450:57:170:00:27
27Jake WELLS0:09:160:09:380:09:330:09:300:09:260:10:210:57:440:01:05



2013 Cyclocross National Championships Elite Men: Lap Times, Split Times - All Starters

PlaceNameLap 2Lap 3Lap 4Lap 5Lap 6Lap 7
1Jonathan PAGE8:198:188:138:148:108:13
2Zach MCDONALD8:268:168:158:148:168:48
3James DRISCOLL8:278:278:168:228:228:32
4Daniel SUMMERHILL8:549:048:388:148:068:16
5Timothy JOHNSON8:368:378:328:418:238:47
6Jeremy POWERS8:428:478:358:398:429:01
7Ryan TREBON8:288:378:398:4010:018:47
8Troy WELLS8:499:018:428:579:018:50
9Jeremy DURRIN8:439:049:279:038:569:01
10Barry WICKS9:079:148:538:568:588:50
11Isaac NEFF9:159:018:598:508:529:21
12Brian MATTER9:339:178:599:068:458:54
13Justin LINDINE8:308:339:479:229:289:28
14Dan TIMMERMAN9:139:079:069:339:019:03
15Anthony CLARK9:169:308:559:228:558:56
16Adam CRAIG9:089:359:219:068:478:58
17Spencer PAXSON9:159:129:149:049:019:10
18Mitchell HOKE9:129:129:069:169:068:49
19Tristan SCHOUTEN9:179:039:059:279:189:27
20Erik TONKIN9:169:508:538:569:068:55
21Braden KAPPIUS9:249:309:239:189:069:40
22Taylor CARRINGTON9:379:229:089:239:059:00
23Eric THOMPSON10:089:079:129:179:149:27
24Sean BABCOCK9:179:219:109:2410:259:26
25Tim ALLEN9:459:429:099:139:419:18
26Jared NIETERS9:279:399:239:189:459:45
27Jake WELLS9:169:389:339:309:2610:21
28Allen KRUGHOFF9:209:109:11
29Mike SHERER9:349:509:28
30Adam MYERSON9:479:289:39
31Scott CHAPIN9:349:509:24
32Greg WITTWER10:099:429:27
33William IAIA9:529:259:37
34Chris JACKSON9:239:439:40
35Daniel CHABANOV9:479:5110:09
36Craig ETHERIDGE9:469:549:48
37Robert MARION9:389:5810:01
38Nicholas KEOUGH9:549:48
39Trevor KOSS9:559:47
40Corey STELLJES9:479:49
41Brian HLUDZINSKI9:529:46
42Michael ROBSON10:069:55
43Alex WORK9:589:57
44Nicholas LEMKE10:2410:02
45Shadd SMITH10:0410:06
46Aaron BRADFORD10:0110:16
47Kenny WEHN10:079:51
48Stephen CUMMINGS10:0910:22
49Damian SCHMITT10:0010:16
50Greg KRAUSE10:26
51B Jacob SITLER10:19
52Grant HOLICKY10:18
53Doug SCHULER10:18
54Brett PIRIE10:26
55Paul MUMFORD10:19
57David (Shawn) ADAMS10:24
58William STREET10:59
59Ben STALKER10:40
60Matthew ALLEN10:11
61Jason CEMANSKI10:52
62Joshua WHITMORE10:58
63Aaron BOUPLON10:42
64David SHEEK10:38
65Travis BRAUN10:52
66Sean LEADER10:51
67Donald SNOOP JR11:04
68John BAILEY11:10
69Timothy O'SHEA11:22
DNFSpencer POWLISON10:13
DNFChristian FAVATA9:359:39