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  • Foolish Fun: 2014 April Fools’ Day Recap and Responses

    Just as with tubulars, you need to wait until the sealant coating is fully dry before use. 10 minutes of a blow dryer on low should do the trick. © Cyclocross Magazine

    “Best 4/1 articles on the interweb, hands down.”  -Ernest “CXMagazine is hittin’ up the April fools like no other.” -Christopher “Without a doubt some of the best shenanigans for 4/1.” -Bob “Anyone thinking the staff at Cyclocross had time on their…

  • UCI Implements Cowbell Regulations

    Will this cowbell make the cut?

    A new ruling by the UCI commission on cyclocross will come in to effect next season, mandating that all cowbells must conform to size regulations and are to ring in the key of A minor. A USA Cycling official told…

  • UCI Introduces New Ruling on Tire Width

    WTB's new Cross Boss cyclocross tire come in one 35c width and is tubeless ready.

    The maximum tire width rule for UCI-sanctioned cyclocross events (as well as USA Cycling Nationals for age-groupers) infuriated many, especially the budget clincher racers hoping to compete with their tubular-dressed peers. The arbitrary 33mm (and 35mm for age groups at…

  • USA Cycling Set to Launch Indoor ‘Mud-Free’ ’Cross Series

    USA Cycling Rules and Rule Book, 2012 - Cyclocross, Road, Mountain Bike

    In a move to attract new fans and sponsors, USA Cycling has announced plans for a series of mud-free and indoor cyclocross races. The series, to be run prior to the traditional cyclocross season, will be mainly based on roads….

  • Tech Tuesday: Eliminate Wet, Soggy Cycling Shorts Chamois Forever

    Either is fine. Tent Sure is cheaper and more flexible, Aquaseal may last longer and is said to reduce shrinkage. Save the extra 4oz and let your partner seal her shorts after doing yours. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Ever get tired of sitting on a wet chamois during your cyclocross racing and winter and spring riding? Remounting and landing on a cold, wet sponge is certainly no fun, and is easily one of our top pet peeves. There’s…

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