April Fools' Day!  image by Sean MacEntee

It was a happy April Fools’ Day! image by Sean MacEntee

“Best 4/1 articles on the interweb, hands down.”  –Ernest

“CXMagazine is hittin’ up the April fools like no other.” –Christopher

“Without a doubt some of the best shenanigans for 4/1.” –Bob

“Anyone thinking the staff at Cyclocross had time on their hands after the season ended?” –Bikesport Racing

Alright, now that the day is over, it’s clear that we had some fun once again with April Fools’ Day. Many of you appreciated the good humor and laugh, and we’re thankful for that. When we work in a sport that typically doesn’t take itself too seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously and have a little fun (with you) along the way. The hundreds of shares, likes and comments were awesome. As for time on our hands, it was all in a morning’s work, but well worth it.

Some of you were taken, either briefly or until you started reading this post, and that also makes it all worthwhile. Many international readers were unsuspecting victims. There were some great responses, and many of you clearly showed your passion for the sport and your distaste for overreaching rules.

Of course there were a few uptight Debbie Downers too, perhaps from a long cold winter without much riding, and we can sympathize. The only group we don’t quite get is those who need to urgently warn anyone reading the story later that it’s an April Fools’ story. One reader said it best on Facebook:

More fun not giving it away until some riled up comments posted. Or better yet, never.” –Mark

Well said, Mark! Let Fools be Fools for a few minutes, and we’ll all have a good laugh afterwards. Not much different than a cyclocross race, right?

Here’s a brief recap of our four stories from the day, and some of our favorite responses:


UCI determines maximum tire width by weight-based formula:

This one caught some by surprise, and was positive news for some and cumbersome news for others. Read it here.

“This rule is absolutely asinine. Makes me glad I never enter any sanctioned races.” –Perry

“Holy complicated batman… weigh-in for tire width?” -Kicking Horse Cup

“This new rule puts a serious burden on tire manufacturers. We are pretty ticked off about it.” –Clement Cycling

 “I am 6’4 212lbs and now I can run a 40c to bad my bike will only fit up to a 38c.” –John

“Clicked on the link hoping…One step forward, two steps back. Should’ve just rolled out a 35c limit.” –Albert

“Does the UCI have nothing better to do?” -Gregory

“Based on weight…Godbless…” –NZ Cyclocross

“Yay for us tubby guys!” –Tyler

“If you’re heavy the @UCI_cycling says you’re allowed to run wide tires at your local cyclocross race” –Brody

” …ja Xmm [for maximum tire width] = ([Racer Weight in Pounds, “W”/2.2]) x (33/68) -kaavalla voitte laskea renkaittenne maksimileveyden tulevalla kaudella ja juoda kuravettä päälle” -Mikko

USA Cycling to launch an indoor, no-mud cyclocross series to please sponsors:

This story kicked things off for the day, and riled up the mudders, who aren’t quite excited about riding on a velodrome or keeping sponsors’ logos mud-free. Read it here.

“Here in the SW we pray for mud and/or snow. This idea here seems lame to me.” –Nathan

“umm…mud is at least 50% of the reason CX is fun i thought.” –Ashley

“mud free ????? I already play hockey . no mud there . what is this world comming to. mud is fun!” –Jeff

“mud-free” cross? That’s a bit like “beer-free tri”. I mean, what’s the point?” -Brian

“Mud free?? Why don’t they give us body armor and bicycle air bags too” -Mark

“Stupid…we have cross races on roads already..they’re called crits and we use road bikes.” -Michael

It might not look pretty, but move that booty to get full Aquaseal coverage. © Cyclocross Magazine

It might not look pretty, but move that booty to get full Aquaseal coverage. © Cyclocross Magazine

Waterproofing your cycling shorts and chamois:

Some of you didn’t know whether this elaborate DIY Tech Tuesday story, slideshow and video on how to Aquaseal your shorts and chamois was legit or not. We like the idea, but it gets too messy and has its share of dangers and uncomfortable moments. Read it here.

“Interesting idea. One needs a REALLY good friend to help out with this one!” –Daniel

“Oh. My. God. I feel dirty just watching this.” –Margaret

“I can vouch for this great waterproofing technique.” -Quincy

“Now I have a baking sheet stuck to my behind. Any suggestions?!?” –Andrew

“Now, I know what to do with all those extra mannequins in the garage. Great idea! Thanks!!” –Sean

“Try plastic tire levers to pull it away without damaging the fabric. Best to find someone you really trust!” –Challenge Tire

Cowbells now regulated by UCI:

We ended the day on the most obvious story, but some of you still found it plausible, while one reader expanded on the rules in greater detail. Read it here.

“and of course they will all have to have the UCI cowbell A key confirmation sticker or A1 decal!” –S. Buschlen

“‘Such bells may be no wider (in their minor dimension) than 33mm, and the length:width ratio may be no greater than 3:1. Length shall be measured perpendicular to width. In addition, bells may have no added forms or protuberances intended to reduce wind resistance or cause any performance increase beyond that of emitting a single, clear tone in the key of A. The addition of a lanyard shall be the sole exception to this rule.'” –Frank

Funny, but would anybody put it past UCI? –Tony

“The UCI is gonna ruin cyclocross with these stupid rules.” -Bill

Thanks for reading and enjoying the odd holiday. See you at the indoor, mud-free races with our waterproof shorts, weight-determined tire widths and UCI-approved cowbells, next year, on April 1.

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