Will this cowbell make the cut?

Will this cowbell make the cut?

A new ruling by the UCI commission on cyclocross will come in to effect next season, mandating that all cowbells must conform to size regulations and are to ring in the key of A minor.

A USA Cycling official told press that the ruling had been a long time coming. “It’s something so many fans had complained about. They always say, ‘Oh, we loved the racing, but if only there had been less dissonance.’”

“It’s simply cacophonous,” said the official. “All these cowbells ringing at the same time, all making different sounds. It gets grating after a while.”

The move is expected to please the big cowbell manufacturers, who stand to make a song out of the changes to the rules.

Christina Morra, a cyclocross fan, said, “I came out for a day of fun and racing, I don’t want to listen to that racket!”

The UCI has also introduced a new ruling on tire width, read about it here.