Group racing was the theme of the day during Friday’s C1 races at the 2017 KMC Cross Fest. In the Men’s race Friday evening, it was no different. As many as nine riders joined the lead group and seven finished near each other on the finishing stretch on the Thompson Motorsports Speedway.

Tobin Ortenblad (Santa Cruz / Donkey Label Racing) continued his hot start to the season by rising to the top of the large group at the front of the race. Spencer Petrov (Aspire Racing) continued his impressive early season by finishing second and Jack Kisseberth (JAM Fund / NCC) took third. Stephen Hyde (Cannondale p/b and Kerry Werner (Kona) rounded out the top five.

Full results from Connecticut are below.

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Men's Results - 2017 KMC Cross Fest C1 Friday Night

13Tobin ORTENBLADSanta Cruz Factory Racing1:00:00
28Spencer PETROVUCI CT: CCB Velotooler1:00:00
39Jack KISSEBERTHJAM Fund / NCC1:00:00
41Stephen HYDECannondale Cyclocrossworld1:00:01
52Kerry WERNERKona1:00:03
66James DRISCOLLClement1:00:04
74Curtis WHITEUCI CT: Rally Cycling1:00:07
813Cooper WILLSEYUCI CT: CCB Velotooler1:00:22
917Bjorn SELANDER1:00:27
1019Hector RIVEROSEVOC/QARVimports Racing Team1:00:52
1112Justin LINDINEApex/NBX/Hyperthreads1:01:02
1210Garry MILLBURNSpeedvagen MAAP1:01:11
1325Denzel STEPHENSONBoulder Junior Cycling1:01:12
1420Garrett GERCHAR1:01:15
1522Gunnar HOLMGRENTeam Ontario / Centurion Next W1:01:24
1611Jeremy DURRINNeon Velo Cycling Team1:01:31
1716Troy WELLSTEAM CLIF BAR Cycling1:01:43
1843Michael OWENS1:02:12
1942Nicholas LANDO1:02:37
207Travis LIVERMONMaxxis-Shimano Pro Cyclocross1:04:40
2134Andy SCOTTRiverside Racing1:02:45
2232Adam MYERSONCycle-Smart Inc.1:02:50
2328Brendan MCCORMACKNBX Bikes1:02:50
2430Jack TANNERClif Bar Development Cross Team1:02:52
2527Anders NYSTROM*Marian University Cycling Team1:02:53
2623Nicholas DINIZ*NCCH Elite p/b MGCC1:02:59
2815Peter GOGUENRACE CF1:03:56
2935Ross ELLWOOD*Boulder Junior Cycling1:04:01
3033Jules GOGUELY1:04:01
3348Zachary CURTIS1:04:26
3424Brody SANDERSONCenturion Next1:04:28
3529Nathaniel MORSEUCI CT: CCB Velotooler1:05:16
3639Patrick COLLINSUCI CT: CCB Velotooler1:05:19
3731Scott SMITHJAM Fund / NCC1:05:56
3846Marc-Andre DAIGLEGarneau-Quebec1:06:01
3937Ben POWERS*Riverside Racing@2Lap
4038Christopher RABADI@2Lap
4150Clyde LOGUE*Colonial Bicycle Company@2Lap
4245Johannes STROMSKI*@3Lap
4349Anson ROSSSouthbridge Bicycles@3Lap
4444David HILDEBRANDAetna-Expo Wheelmen@3Lap
4541Christian SUNDQUIST@4Lap
DNF14Grant ELLWOODBoulder Cycle Sport