There was one more racing weekend to decide everything! North Carolina Grand Prix was the last race in the USAC PRO CX series.

Watch USA Cycling’s trailer for the race.

The race has been held in diverse weather conditions over the years, but sun kept the rain and snow racers faced in the past far away.

Elite Women

Anna Megale was victorious for day 1. Lizzy Gunsalus finished second and Erica Zaveta came in third.

2021 North Carolina Grand Prix Day 1: Elite Women

1MEGALE Anna3047:03:00
2GUNSALUS Lizzy180:18
3ZAVETA Erica320:34
4KUYK-WHITE Taylor340:42
5WERNER Emily280:45
6RUNNELS Samantha301:20
7MALIK Jennifer301:31
8SHEA Amelia311:49
9VISNACK Natasha172:14
10KILLIPS Austin262:15
11WILLIAMS Carla342:18
12SCOTT Samantha162:40
13CURLEY Emily272:46
14ANTHONY Crystal413:01
15ASELTINE Mia173:05
16RUBINO Rachel373:07
17MASON Britt353:28
18ARENSMAN Hannah234:30
19LYMAN Brooke254:52
20WARFEL Alison405:02
21AUDRAIN Ivy335:32
22LOHRY Molly346:42
23DICKSON Hannah21'
24MCLAUGHLIN Kelly436:49
25ALAGNA Laura357:12
26EDWARDS Evie459:26
27RAINS Sara429:27
28BUBP Rebecca44

Elite Men

Gage Hecht was in control on the first day. Kerry Werner was the runner-up and Cody Cupp podiumed.

2021 North Carolina Grand Prix Day 1: Elite Men

1HECHT Gage2357:00:00
2WERNER Kerry300:22
3CUPP Cody270:48
4ORSCHEL Tyler231:04
5MCGILL Scott231:11
6FIX Brannan241:16
7VAN KEMPEN Jules191:22
8THOMPSON Eric321:43
9CLARK Tyler212:24
10DILLMAN Andrew272:37
11MCDONALD Ian192:42
12MCNEILL Dillon20'
13JOHNSON Kyle182:55
14ZAKRAJSEK Dylan183:09
15GORRY Richard Cypress273:19
16CLARK Owen183:29
17LIVERMON Travis333:38
18MCDONALD Brody193:44
19CLOUTIER Tyler323:58
20GINIAT Andrew304:01
21GREEN Alex184:03
22RYAN Alex334:14
23BARTON Malcolm234:27
24JACK Rory304:41
25JEDLICKA Ethan214:51
26STIERWALT Lucas194:59
27SWINAND Peter185:11
28MORSE Nathaniel26'
29PERLEY Bradford325:40
30JUNGE Frederick255:54
31GALLEGO Ivan186:02
32ARENS Luke196:13
33BRYANT Isaac216:40
34OLANDER Jacob186:43
35SANDERS Michael307:02
36JOHNSON Elijah197:14
37AMALONG John Paul197:43
38UETRECHT Ryder19
39RAGLAND Christopher40
40SEITZ William20

Junior Women

The winner of Day 1 was Ava Holmgren. Isabella Holmgren took home second and Lydia Elbert placed third.

2021 North Carolina Grand Prix Day 1: Junior Women

1HOLMGREN Ava1639:28:00
2HOLMGREN Isabella160:25
3ELBERT Lydia161:34
4BRENNEMAN Ella161:51
5MCKEITHAN Alison167:15

Junior Men

Marcis Shelton won first place. Second place went to Daniel English, while third place went to Ian Ackert.

2021 North Carolina Grand Prix Day 1: Junior Men

1SHELTON Marcis1741:10:00
2ENGLISH Daniel160:13
3ACKERT Ian161:18
4KING Carden162:26
5DE GROOTE Theo172:34
6HINKLE Calvin173:33
7WALKER Gus174:17
8MYERS William174:22
9MILLER Carmine166:50
10CERVATI Jensen167:13
11CHILDS Trevor17

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