Sydor adds another title to her impressive palmares. © John Irvine Photography

Sydor adds another title to her impressive palmares. © John Irvine Photography

British Columbia’s Cyclocross Championships were held this weekend in Mahon Park, North Vancouver.  140 racers came out and enjoyed one of the first rain-free days in close to a month. A very balmy 11 degrees was on the menu as well.  It was a great course that offered no rest to all competitors and certainly one that made for worthy Provincial Champions.

Photo Gallery

Elite Men
1. Evan Guthrie (Rocky Mountain Factory Team)
2. Craig Richey (Blue Competition Cycles)
3. Dan MacDonald (Total Restoration)
4. Drew Mackenzie (Island Racing Club)
5. Nick Berry (Mighty Cycling)

Elite Women
1.Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain Factory Team)
2. Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride Racing)
3. Sandra Walter (Local Ride Racing)
4. Joele Guynup (Island racing Club)
5. Stacey Hutton

Master Men 30-39
1. Bob Welbourn (Glotman Simpson)
2. Sean Howie (Bike Gallery)
3. Rick Rodland (Team Alliance)
4. Scott McGregor (Steed Cycles)
5. Clayton Sansbury (H&R Block/Kona)

Master Women 30+
1. Nicola Mann (Jack’s Bicycles)
2. Karen Todd (Different Bikes)
3. Heather Nash
4. Tara Walsh

Master Men 40-49
1.Normon Thibault (FrontRunners)
2. John Fokkema (Pro City Cycling)
3. Roy McBeth (Local Ride Racing)
4. Aaron Dusseault
5. Tyler Dumont (Team Alliance)

Master Men 50+
1. Bart Nakano (Team Alliance)
2. Peter Wellsman (Pro City Cycling)
3. Ian Parker (NS Ride)
4. Ian Bunbury
5. Horacio Chaves (Mighty Cycling)

Junior Men 17-18
1. Devan McLelland (John Henry Bikes)
2. Scott Mulder (Steed Cycles)
3. Michael Brinton

U17 Men
1. Jordan Duncan
2. Trevor Pearson
3. Peter Whalen (Local Ride Racing)

U17 Women
1.Kathleen Wenting (Wenting’s Cycle)
2. Amanda Wakeling
3. Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride Racing)
4. Theresa Riley

Citizen Men
1. Mathew Hornland
2. Simon Pulfrey
3. Khoa Lam
4. Sean Ruzika
5. Thomas Bickett

Citizen Women
1. Haley Monsseau (Mighty Cycling)