Kabush big-sips a Chimay at the start line

Geoff Kabush big-sips a Chimay at the start line

by Josh Liberles

I’ll cut to the chase here – it’s been way too long since the last ‘cross race. By my rough (U.S.-season-based) calculations, we’re just about at the midpoint of the “offseason.” Are you bored with your road racing, MTB’ing or whatever the heck it is you people do to kill time during these doldrums? Me too. Luckily, there’s always the internet. And a whole boatload of ‘cross videos to keep us momentarily distracted.

Here are a few we’ve come across recently, which are well worth the watch:

Great action, energy and editing in this look at ‘cross racing – from a unique, between-the-legs perspective. Not exactly Steadicam solid, make sure you’re sober for the  Best of Seat Cam 2009 (Colin Reuter):

The New England cyclocross scene comes back to life in this beautifully shot video of Geekhouse riders, and their garish colors, racing through the fields of Central Mass (Paper Fortress):

OK, it may be a not-so-thinly-veiled ad for their ‘cross bikes, but it’s still great race and interview footage of two of the best in the business. Check out the Rocky Mountain Cycles’ video with Geoff Kabush and Alison Sydor:

If these don’t have you salivating for more ‘cross, check to see that you still have a pulse. Know of some other cyclocross videos to keep us champing at the bit all summer long? Send the links to: [email protected]