Madness from sscxwc14ky. © Andrew Packham

Madness from sscxwc14ky. © Andrew Packham

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA – The 2015 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships will be held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (aka America’s hat) on Sunday, November 22nd, 2015.

Upholding the time-honored traditions of the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships this year’s event will comprise a weekend program filled with Saturday qualifying events, degeneracy, unhealthy lifestyle choices and maybe even some Sunday bike racing, lovingly curated to maximize attendee’s inability to productively contribute to society for at least the following week, possibly longer.

The entire Republic of Canada, and Victoria specifically, has been doing its thing up here for years now, and we are collectively pumped to be stoked to bring the “world” to our house for scxwc2015.

We know it’s a big deal for some that this year’s World Champs will involve actually crossing an international border, so we will be getting lots of info out to the masses in the coming months, in the meantime we have provided some helpful information for everyone:

*   Entering Canada with a criminal Record – A quick self-assessment tool
*   Application for Criminal Rehabilitation – download application form
*   We’re sorry.

For ongoing updates and complete details about the race, the venue, the city of Victoria and all the events taking place throughout the weekend of November 2122 check out, the official SSCXWC15Vic Facebook page, or follow @SSCXWC15Vic on Instagram and Twitter.