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First Impressions: Ritchey WCS XC SPD-Compatible MTB Pedal

At NAHBS 2016, we got our first look Ritchey Logic’s newest iteration of its clipless SPD-compatible mountain bike (and cyclocross / gravel) pedal, the shiny …

Reviewed: Gevenalle Audax Brake Levers and Shifter Mounts

Gevenalle markets its shifters as the ultimate, reliable setup for muddy cyclocross races. But what about gravel? We put Gevenalle’s Audax shifters to the test at the Lost & Found gravel race.

UPDATED – Bike Profile: Lost & Found Conquering 1985 Peugeot City Express

It’s not all carbon and tubeless at the Lost & Found gravel race as evidenced by this modified 1986 steel 26″ wheel Peugeot City Express commuter seen at the race’s finish.

Mechanical Monday: Disc Brake Bleeding

For last week’s Mechanical Monday we took a look at disc brake pad considerations. And we’re following that up this week by talking about bleeding disc brakes with TRP’s Bryce Olsen, SRAM’s Nate Newton and Shimano’s Nick Murdick.

Wednesday Wonderings: Slicing Through the Muck, Best Spokes for Muddy Conditions

We get many questions regarding mud tires, and a few on best wheels for mud. But we recently heard what may have been a first from Jared in Canada, who is is wondering about spokes for mud.

Knight Composites’ 29″ Gravel Wheels and More Cyclocross Options

Knight Composites is a fairly new carbon wheel company. At first glance, the Oregon-based company might seem like another off-the-shelf rim paired with quality components option, but dive deeper and you’ll learn that there’s a lot more.

In Review: Brodie Bikes Single Speed Romax Cyclocross Bike

In the past year, the Brodie Romax has been redesigned and improved, but the new Romax still exhibits a bright paint scheme and excellent weld quality as its overt trademarks.

Schwinn Adds SRAM Rival 22 Hydro-Equipped Vantage RX-1 Road and Gravel Bike to Signature Line

Schwinn has added the Vantage RX-1, a bike for paved and unpaved roads and equipped with SRAM hydraulic brakes, to its Signature Line.

WTB Launches New Riddler and Exposure Gravel Tires at Sea Otter

Hot on the heels of the 650B 47mm Horizon introduced at NAHBS last month in the new Road Plus category, WTB has added to their drop-bar tire lineup.

Shimano Makes Electronic Shifting More Affordable With Deore XT Di2, Offers More Drop Bar Configurations and Bluetooth Connectivity

Shimano has a new Deore Di2 mountain bike group out offering greater options for drop bar riders as well as improved connectivity for all Di2 groups with Bluetooth capabilities.

New Product Spotlight: Clement BOS Tubeless Cyclocross Tire

The Clement BOS tubeless tire is in our hands and should prove a good option for those riding mud, loose surfaces and mixed terrain.

OMATA Launches Kickstarter For Analog GPS Unit

It may sound like an April Fools’ joke, but OMATA is launching a Kickstarter for a GPS unit with an analog display dubbed the OMATA One.

Mechanical Monday: How low can you go? Lower Gearing Options for One-Bike-to-Rule-Them-All, Part 1

Updating your ‘cross drivetrain for off-season rides makes sense for the many of us that are in the one-bike-to-rule-them all camp. Short of having separate cyclocross and gravel bikes, drivetrain modification makes sense. But what to do? We take a look here.

Just Kidding! Donut Race to Remain Non-Championship Event and Other April Fools’ News

By now you likely know that our Friday news stories were, in keeping with tradition, April Fools’ jokes meant to bring a chuckle and maybe cause a few folks to do a double take.

New Start-up Brings High-End Carbon Bikes to Youngest Kids

Kidz Karbon is planning high-end carbon balance and 20” wheel cyclocross offerings, each constructed using the most up-to-date construction methods and following the industry’s leading trends.

New Product Spotlight: Kenda Tire’s Flintridge Pro Gravel Tire

Kenda’s Flintridge Pro is a tubeless ready gravel tire that offers a smooth, fast feel and is available in two widths.

In Review: KHS’s CX550 Team Cyclocross Bike

We first saw the KHS CX550 Team last year and we liked what we saw. But short of a full-fledged test ride, we couldn’t really asses anything aside from the build and appearance.

Highlight Video Throwback Thursday: Looking Back at The Crusher in the Tushar

Cyclocross season is getting smaller in the rearview mirror every day. And riders and racers are looking forward to other rides and races, like Utah’s Crusher in the Tushar.

VeloSport Imports New Product Offerings, Part 1 – Brake Force One, German:A and Alchemist Components Aimed at Gravel Lovers

Velosport Imports has an array of new product offerings, some of which we saw at NAHBS this year, and all of which are likely to appeal to the gravel riding and racing crowd.

In Review: Alchemy Bicycle Company’s Konis Steel Cyclocross / Gravel Bike

We’ve been out and about on Alchemy Bicycle Company’s steel cyclocross/gravel offering, the Konis. Check out our first impressions of the ride.

Co-Motion Cycles Shows Us a Day’s Work

Watch a day in the life at Co-Motion Cycles’ Eugene, Oregon, facility in this short video and see a little of what goes into a handmade bike.

Rolf Debuts New Hyalite Adventure Road Wheels Aimed To Tackle The Roads Less Travelled

Rolf Prima Wheel Systems were at NAHBS showing off a new wheelset called the Hyalite for what they’ve dubbed “adventure road.”

Rumors & Rumblings: Van der Poel Wraps Up First MTB Races, Boom to Telenet-Fidea and Cyclocross Never Ends

Van der Poel impresses in first mountain bike races, Boom may move to cyclocross according to Sven and Switzerland’s Tortour may belong on your bucket list in this edition of Rumors & Rumblings.

SRAM Brings 1x and Hydraulic Braking to Apex and Adds Flat Bar Shifter Option

SRAM brings its 1x shifting system and hydraulic brakes to the Apex groupset putting two sought after cyclocross and gravel technologies within more riders’ reach.

Not a New Paradigm: Ritchey Unveils New WCS XC SPD-Compatible Clipless Pedal

Tom Ritchey and his Ritchey Logic company have been in the mountain bike (and cyclocross) pedal game for as long as anyone, other than Shimano …

Lindarets & Wolf Tooth Announce Tanpan Shimano MTB Derailleur Adapter

The Lindarets x Wolf Tooth Tanpan is a cable pull amplifier that allows Shimano Mountain Rear Derailleurs to work with Shimano Road Shifters

New Gravel Tire Spotlight: Teravail Tubeless 38c Cannonball and 32c Galena

Quality Bicycle Products is based in Bloomington, Minnesota, an area filled with gravel roads, and has been serving the gravel market really well, with its brands like Salsa, Foundry, Whisky, Surly and now Teravail, a new tire brand.

2015 Year in Review: The Memorable Moments in Cyclocross, Gravel and Bike Tech

There’s more cyclocross on the horizon including the 2016 Cyclocross National Championships and the World Championships at the end of January. But the end of the 2015 has us thinking back over the last 12 months and reflecting on those moments that had the cyclocross community talking.

Technique Tuesday: The Do’s and Don’ts of Recovery for Cyclocross Racing

Cyclocross season is in full swing, and if you’re anything like us, your race schedule and your off-the-bike responsibilites have you running around at a …

Pro Bike Profile: Mical Dyck’s Canadian Nationals-Winning Naked Bicycles Cross Adventure

The newly-crowned Canadian National Champion Mical Dyck is racing the cyclocross circuit aboard a bicycle unlike many others in the pro ranks. Dyck’s bike, from sponsor Naked Bicycles of British Columbia, a NAHBS award-winning custom builder, is steel and equipped with tubeless wheels and tires.

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