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Review: Alto Cycling Wide AMX29 Alloy Tubeless Clincher Wheelset

Wide rims for cyclocross and gravel? Alto Cycling’s AMX29 alloy tubeless wheelset says yes. We put the wide rims to the test for both ‘cross and gravel in this review.

Monster Cross Mania: Eight Top High-Volume Tires for Monster Cross Adventures

Looking to up the volume on your monster cross mash? Here’s eight favorite monster tires that do more than gravel for your dirt and trail adventures.

Mechanical Monday: Back on the Chain Gang – Chain Wear and Care

Most riders have a favorite method for cleaning and lubing chains, along with favorite solvents and lubes. But to make the most of this vital piece of equipment, we’re going to experts.

Ridden and Reviewed: Oregon-Made Sage Titanium PDXCX

The PDXCX is Sage Titanium’s cyclocross racing bike hand-built and designed in Oregon. We see how it performs for technical ‘cross riding and mixed terrain adventures.

Throwback Thursday: (Try Not To) Cycle It Into the Water – Video

Looking for a way to work on your bike handling? These videos from Indonesia and the Netherlands challenge you to stay high and dry on the narrow path.

Gravel Gear: Boyd Jocassee 650b Tubeless Gravel Wheelset – Ridden and Reviewed

The Boyd Cycling Jocassee 650b carbon tubeless wheel set is designed for gravel grinding. We put this high-volume wheelset to the test and report back in our first Gravel Gear installment.

Monster Mashing: Jon Severson On His Monster Cross Preservation Project

Jon Severson of Monster Cross News has a history project: keeping the do-it-all monster cross tradition alive. In this Wednesday Wonderings, he shares more about what Monster Cross is.

Bike Profile: Meredith Miller’s Singlespeed National Championship Mosaic XS-1

Meredith Miller brought all the pieces together aboard her Mosaic XS-1 singlespeed at the 2018 Reno Cyclocross Nationals. We take a closer look at her Championship-winning ride.

Reviewed: Ritchey Outback – Teal Steel Built for Gravel, Adventure and ‘Cross

The Ritchey Outback adventure bike is Tom Ritchey’s latest creation. We throw a leg over the teal steel machine. Could it be the ultimate escape vehicle?

Throwback Thursday – The Gary Fisher Sphinx and the Mystery of the Early 700c Monster Cross

One early-1990s model that arguably laid the groundwork for monster cross bikes was the Gary Fisher Sphinx. We take a look at this early 700c off-road bike.

Boyd Cycling Is Ready to Ride with Jocassee Wheels, Sealant, Ceramic Coatings and Wingnuts

Boyd Cycling unveiled its Jocassee carbon 650b gravel wheels, Ready2Ride purchase option, and the CXM-inspired tubeless tire sealant. We take a look at Press Camp.

Mavic Rolls Out New Cyclocross and Gravel Hoops with XA Elite Wheels, Redesigned Open Pro Rim

Mavic has rolled out new hoop options for cyclocross and gravel cyclists, with a long-awaited update to the Open Pro rim, and a 25mm internal width XA Elite wheelset.

Ridden and Reviewed: Dean Bikes’ Antero Titanium Cyclocross Frame

Dean Bikes knows not everyone can afford its Boulder-built titanium creations. Its Antero cyclocross frame aims to lower the barrier.

Getting Your Bike Ready for a Gravel Race – Mechanical Monday

Last week, for Training Tuesday, we helped you get your body ready for a long gravel event, but what about your bike? Here’s five tips to get your bike ready to grind some gravel.

WTB Adds 32c Width to Exposure Gravel Road Tire Line

What’s 2mm? For some that’s the difference between a tire fitting within a frame or brake or not. For others, 2mm offers an ability to …

Review: Ritchey Swiss Cross Disc Steel Cyclocross Bike

The Ritchey Swiss Cross may seem retro to some, but can ride quality outweigh missing market trends of thru axles and huge tire clearance? We test the steel cyclocross bike to find out.

Fox Steps Into Cyclocross and Gravel with New AX (Adventure Cross) Suspension Fork

Suspension giant Fox appears to be taking aim at the cyclocross and gravel bike segment with a new “Adventure Cross” or “AX” fork. We look into this potential new offering.

Kenda Adds New Flintridge Gravel Tire Sizes and Casing Options, Adds Speed with New 30c Valkyrie Road Tire

Kenda has unveiled new options for gravel hunters and speed freaks, with new casings, widths and diameters coming to the Flintridge gravel tire, and a new 30c Valkyrie road tire.

A New Group of Hoops: Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubeless Clincher, Alex Rims AMC1, Spēd Precision Courseque CX

Carbon wheels are one of the most popular (albeit costly) ways to improve the way your bike rides. Check out some of the latest offerings from Zipp, Alex Rims and a new company based out of Southern California called Spēd Precision.

Pro Bike: Sophie de Boer’s “Mystery” World Cup-Winning Carbon Cyclocross Bike

Sophie de Boer won the Women’s race at CrossVegas in a nail-biter three-up sprint aboard an unlabelled mystery bike. We got a closer look and reveal the pedigree behind the frame—with history and details that the rider and team were unaware of.

Giveaway: Win a new SRAM Apex 1 Component Group

Update: The lucky random winner is Caleb Hulsey from Austin, Texas, who said he just so happens to have a cyclocross frame ready for the …

Review: Panaracer Comet 38c HardPack Tire

Japanese tire manufacturer Panaracer has been killing it lately. The company joined forces with Stan’s NoTubes to form a gravel team and had one of …

Reviewed: Soma Cazadero 42c Gravel Tire by Panaracer

Even without USA Cycling gravel regulations, gravel races, gravel gear and even gravel itself vary tremendously. Earlier this week we brought you our review of …

Review: Maxxis Lightweight Rambler 700 x 40c Gravel Tire

There are now enough gravel tires to cover all the different types of gravel throughout the world. From groomed, hard packed surfaces that feel very …

RIP: Jeff Archer of MOMBAT & First Flight Bikes Struck and Killed

Life is too short. Jeff Archer of the vintage mountain bike museum and website MOMBAT (Museum of Mountain Bike Art and Technology) and First Flight Bikes shop in …

New Product Spotlight: Gevenalle Sealed Bearing Cyclocross Pulleys

Aftermarket derailleur pulleys. If you’ve been around a while, you’re probably in one of two schools of thought when thinking about rear derailleur pulleys. One school …

In Review: Low MkII Cyclocross Race Bike – Made in San Francisco

The new MkII cyclocross bike is Low Bicycles’ latest creation. After expanding from track to the road to grow with his riders, Low focused on meeting the growing calls for a cyclocross and gravel bike.

Detroit Bikes Declares Independence from Bike Norms with USA-Made C-Type and B-Type Bikes

As the United States celebrates Independence Day today, we’re taking a look at two bikes that aren’t quite typical for our bike profiles, spotlights or reviews, but are appropriate for the July Fourth holiday. One is brand new, one we’ve spent a bit of time on.

New Product Spotlight: GT Bikes Goes with the Grade with Updated Gravel Line-Up

Earlier this month at the 2016 Bike Press Camp, we saw the full 2017 GT Grade gravel, or “Enduroad” as the company calls it, line-up.

Wednesday Wonderings: Protecting Gravel Tires from Cuts

Gravel-specific tires and tubeless technology aren’t a failsafe against misfortune like a cut sidewall. So we started wondering, what’s the best way to avoid cutting a tire on a gravel ride?

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