By now you likely know that our Friday news stories were, in keeping with tradition, April Fools’ jokes meant to bring a chuckle and maybe cause a few folks to do a double take. The practice of pranks and gags has a long history of course, and there are some particularly memorable ones from the sporting world, as well as some that don’t go well at all.

For us, it was all in good fun and we too had some fun getting caught out by a few stories we saw as well as some clearly over the top jokes, like this one from Quilted Northern.

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Posted by Quilted Northern on Friday, April 1, 2016

Our day started with news that Femke Van den Driessche was returning to bike racing at the Sea Otter Classic…for the e-MTB race. The detailed story, which admittedly may have been over the top, mostly accurately portrayed the series of events surrounding the rider’s fall from grace, as well as her return to racing, albeit running. But as far as we know she won’t be at Sea Otter racing motorized mountain bikes. Of course, Sea Otter is happening and there is going to be a e-MTB race hosted by Bosch and word is that some on the Cyclocross Magazine staff will be participating.

Later in the morning we told you about changes being made by USA Cycling to the Cyclocross National Championships. We “reported” that the donut race, industry race and the Under-9 kiddie races were all to become title events. This one we had some help from Steve Tilford with, who agreed to comment on the story and play along with us. Tilford had his own April Fools’ story running on his blog, one we sort of wish wasn’t a joke! Like the proposed USAC regulation of gravel racing from last year’s April Fools’ news, the changes to ‘cross nationals took aim at USAC and it’s CEO Derek Bouchard-Hall. We knew they got a kick out of it when they played along on social media defending their “decision” against those complaining about the changes.

So now we can have more over competitive parents! – Nicolas V.




That’s two years in a row you’ve caught me out, $&%#@*. – Andrew S.

Finally, we wrapped our day with news of a new bike company aimed at junior racers, Kidz Karbon. This tied into the USAC piece and poked fun at the industry, with carbon race bikes aimed at the 20″ wheel and under set. It’s not without some measure of precedent though, as we pointed out in the piece that there have been bespoke balance bikes and the like at NAHBS. Still, the thought of a 2 pound, $1,500 USD balance bike caught a few folks out. Thanks here go to Jeremy Powers for playing along as well as to Jeff Rosenhall who provided the drawings seen in the piece.

For parents who are daft I mean wealthy enough – Dean M.

All of the stories and quotes were in the spirit of April Fools’ and we hope everyone had a good time. Thanks for having a laugh with us.