It's the 1,666km to go banner - over a citroen cake. Courtesy Lars Boom

It's the 1,666km to go banner - over a citroen cake. Courtesy Lars Boom

by Josh Liberles

As the Tour de France reaches its halfway point and we at Cyclocross Magazine continue to follow the race action, with a special eye for the cyclocrossers Lars Boom (Rabobank), former world champ, and John Gadret (AG2R), the former French national ’cross champ, we’ve noticed an interesting, distinct pattern emerging from Boom’s frequent Twitter and blog posts.

Carpe Diem...and Tiramisu! Courtesy Lars Boom

Carpe Diem...and Seize the Tiramisu! Courtesy Lars Boom

I guess it’s no surprise that a racer in the midst of churning the cranks for 3,600-some-odd kilometers would be constantly fantasizing about calorie-dense food. We’re just glad that Boom has decided to let us in on what he looks forward to after a day at the office, that, as Boom’s photos reveal, he’s able to keep the replenishing calories coming in, and someone’s keeping him focused with a series of syrupy inspirational messages along the way.

Boom was active off the front in the early stages of the Tour – we’re hoping to see escapades similar to his day-long breakaways in this year’s Tour of California coming up in the latter half of the French stage race, and are rooting for Gadret to take flight in the Pyrennes, as he did in several of the mountain stages of the Giro d’Italia. Until then, we’ll make do with living vicariously and wishing that we were burning enough calories to eat all the baked goods that Boom’s plowing through.