checking 2013 lap times from the 2013 cyclocross national championships photo: wwarby on flickr

checking 2013 lap times from the 2013 cyclocross national championships photo: wwarby on flickr

Yesterday we took a look at the lap times from six of the seven laps the Elite Men completed at the 2013 USA Cyclocross National Championships.  Today we’ll look at the four laps the Elite Women completed in the race won by Katie Compton.

Thankfully for this race, the lap time data is complete, and lap one includes the starting straight, making for full lap race times. To nobody’s surprise, Compton owns the fastest lap times on lap one and two, as she stormed out to an early lead. The 29-second lap one gap in awe-inspiring, and she followed that up with a 10:25 lap, the fastest lap of the entire race, to stretch her gap out to well over a minute over Meredith Miller, Kaitlin Antonneau and Nicole Duke. After losing exactly one minute to Compton on lap one, crossing the line with three to go in 11th, silver medalist Jade Wilcoxson put the hammer down, turning out impressive lap times, including the second fastest on lap two (10:48).

The second half gets more interesting: with Compton in control and with a comfortable gap, she could afford to let her foot off the gas a bit. Behind her, racers had plenty to race for and were motivated to make their case for inclusion on the Worlds team for Louisville (final 2013 USA Worlds team members were announced yesterday), or to end their season on a high.

As Wilcoxson continued her tear through the field, she posted the third fastest third lap and fastest last lap (10:34, the second fastest lap of the day).  Her last two laps were actually three seconds faster that Compton’s, although by then Compton’s gap was comfortable.

Fourth place Georgia Gould also had a strong second half, when she started to find fast lines and turn out fast laps. Gould, in our video interview with her after the National Championships said, “It took me until the end to figure out what I was doing out there … I could not get out of my own way the first few laps … I feel like I could do another – I should just do the men’s race!”

Her recollection of the race appeared to be somewhat accurate, losing a whopping 1:20 to Compton in two laps, but by lap three she turned in the fastest lap time with a 10:54, and third fastest lap four (10:49). Those two laps actually matched Compton’s pace in the second half of the race.

With just four laps, and the first one including the starting straight, the variance between lap times is less telling, but for what it’s worth Elle Anderson, Rebecca Blatt and Amanda Carey were the most consistent.

See our analysis of the Elite Men’s lap times and Jonathan Page’s impressive consistency.

2013 Cyclocross National Championships Elite Women: Lap Times, Split Times - Non-Lapped Racers

PlaceNameLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4TotalVar
12Elle ANDERSON0:11:460:11:430:11:580:11:360:47:030:00:22
19Rebecca BLATT0:12:420:12:190:12:180:12:420:50:010:00:24
15Amanda CAREY0:12:170:11:490:12:010:12:060:48:130:00:28
22Amanda MILLER0:12:560:12:270:12:530:12:320:50:480:00:29
5Crystal ANTHONY0:11:380:11:140:11:170:11:080:45:170:00:30
16Ellen NOBLE0:12:170:11:580:11:450:12:160:48:160:00:32
28Katie ARNOLD0:13:350:13:030:13:090:13:120:52:590:00:32
1Katherine COMPTON0:10:550:10:250:10:570:10:460:43:030:00:32
7Maureen BRUNO ROY0:11:430:11:090:11:190:11:320:45:430:00:34
8Meredith MILLER0:11:240:11:050:11:410:11:350:45:450:00:36
3Nicole DUKE0:11:270:11:020:11:090:10:490:44:270:00:38
11Andrea SMITH0:12:080:11:280:11:250:11:520:46:530:00:43
10Arley KEMMERER0:11:460:11:240:12:090:11:300:46:490:00:45
17Corey COOGAN CISEK0:12:410:11:560:12:000:12:020:48:390:00:45
6Teal STETSON-LEE0:11:350:11:080:11:430:10:540:45:200:00:49
14Courtenay MCFADDEN0:12:220:11:330:11:370:12:260:47:580:00:53
4Georgia GOULD0:11:450:11:180:10:540:10:490:44:460:00:56
13Alice PENNINGTON0:12:220:11:390:11:440:11:230:47:080:00:59
18Abby STRIGEL0:12:470:12:150:11:470:12:250:49:140:01:00
23BethAnn ORTON0:13:160:12:140:12:260:13:210:51:170:01:07
9Kaitlin ANTONNEAU0:11:280:11:010:12:090:11:230:46:010:01:08
21Erica ZAVETA0:13:020:12:590:12:440:11:530:50:380:01:09
25Amber MARKEY0:13:360:12:250:12:520:12:370:51:300:01:11
26Stacey BARBOSSA0:13:350:13:130:12:210:13:140:52:230:01:14
27Brianne MARSHALL0:13:400:12:210:12:580:13:320:52:310:01:19
2Jade WILCOXSON0:11:550:10:480:11:060:10:340:44:230:01:21
24Kristin WEBER0:13:570:12:410:12:240:12:150:51:170:01:42
20Christina BIRCH0:13:350:13:070:12:060:11:350:50:230:02:00


2013 Cyclocross National Championships Elite Women: Lap Times, Split Times - All Racers

PlaceNameLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4Total
1Katherine COMPTON0:10:550:10:250:10:570:10:460:43:03
2Jade WILCOXSON0:11:550:10:480:11:060:10:340:44:23
3Nicole DUKE0:11:270:11:020:11:090:10:490:44:27
4Georgia GOULD0:11:450:11:180:10:540:10:490:44:46
5Crystal ANTHONY0:11:380:11:140:11:170:11:080:45:17
6Teal STETSON-LEE0:11:350:11:080:11:430:10:540:45:20
7Maureen BRUNO ROY0:11:430:11:090:11:190:11:320:45:43
8Meredith MILLER0:11:240:11:050:11:410:11:350:45:45
9Kaitlin ANTONNEAU0:11:280:11:010:12:090:11:230:46:01
10Arley KEMMERER0:11:460:11:240:12:090:11:300:46:49
11Andrea SMITH0:12:080:11:280:11:250:11:520:46:53
12Elle ANDERSON0:11:460:11:430:11:580:11:360:47:03
13Alice PENNINGTON0:12:220:11:390:11:440:11:230:47:08
14Courtenay MCFADDEN0:12:220:11:330:11:370:12:260:47:58
15Amanda CAREY0:12:170:11:490:12:010:12:060:48:13
16Ellen NOBLE0:12:170:11:580:11:450:12:160:48:16
17Corey COOGAN CISEK0:12:410:11:560:12:000:12:020:48:39
18Abby STRIGEL0:12:470:12:150:11:470:12:250:49:14
19Rebecca BLATT0:12:420:12:190:12:180:12:420:50:01
20Christina BIRCH0:13:350:13:070:12:060:11:350:50:23
21Erica ZAVETA0:13:020:12:590:12:440:11:530:50:38
22Amanda MILLER0:12:560:12:270:12:530:12:320:50:48
23BethAnn ORTON0:13:160:12:140:12:260:13:210:51:17
24Kristin WEBER0:13:570:12:410:12:240:12:150:51:17
25Amber MARKEY0:13:360:12:250:12:520:12:370:51:30
26Stacey BARBOSSA0:13:350:13:130:12:210:13:140:52:23
27Brianne MARSHALL0:13:400:12:210:12:580:13:320:52:31
28Katie ARNOLD0:13:350:13:030:13:090:13:120:52:59
29Allison ARENSMAN0:13:240:13:150:26:39
30Rebecca GROSS0:13:170:14:340:27:51
31Hannah FINCHAMP0:14:030:13:510:27:54
32April MORGAN0:14:230:13:100:27:33
33Alyssa SEVERN0:14:090:13:030:27:12
34Kathleen LYSAKOWSKI0:14:360:13:330:28:09
35Sunny GILBERT0:14:340:13:140:27:48
36Anna DINGMAN0:15:180:13:000:28:18
37Emily ZINN0:14:450:13:330:28:18
38Elizabeth SO0:13:350:14:220:27:57
39Sarah STURM0:15:110:13:150:28:26
40Katie MELENA0:14:540:13:490:28:43
41Emily SHIELDS0:14:210:14:190:28:40
42Michelle BISHOP0:14:230:14:310:28:54
43BrittLee BOWMAN0:14:100:13:560:28:06
44Corrie OSBORNE0:14:570:13:200:28:17
45Ellen SHERRILL0:13:130:16:260:29:39
46Jessica KUTZ0:15:040:13:520:28:56
47Heidi BECK0:14:120:14:010:28:13
48Frances MORRISON0:15:210:15:21
49Mackenzie WOODRING0:15:270:15:27
50Katherine SHIELDS0:14:320:14:32
51Marian JAMISON0:15:210:15:21
52Erin DONOHUE0:15:390:15:39
53Allyson TUFANO0:14:060:14:06
54Christina TAMILIO0:15:160:15:16
55Sierra SIEBENLIST0:15:580:15:58
56Jennifer TILLMAN0:15:210:15:21
57Kathleen WULFKUHLE0:15:220:15:22
58Kaylan COMER0:15:230:15:23
59Kristin KOREVEC0:15:030:15:03
60Deb Sweeney WHITMORE0:16:230:16:23
61Sarah FREDRICKSON0:16:050:16:05
62Mollie BREWER0:15:540:15:54
63Leslie TIMM0:16:200:16:20
64Julie PHELPS0:17:240:17:24
65Kristina YOUNG0:16:060:16:06
66Jessica HILL0:14:220:14:22
67Jennifer NOWLIN0:17:430:17:43
68McKenzie MELCHER0:18:070:18:07
69Madelaine MELCHER0:13:420:13:42
70Lindsay KNIGHT0:17:140:17:14
DNFAngelina STEVENS0:16:240:16:24
DNFShannon GIBSON0:14:150:14:15
DNFJessica D'AMATO0:16:420:21:010:37:43