Trebon smiling, post-race. © Jonas Bruffaerts

This season, Trebon will be on a new team: © Jonas Bruffaerts

by Kat Statman

While it may have been hard to keep an eye on the wonderful world of bike racing over the past few days with Congress’ contempt vote and the Supreme Court’s health care vote, we did, and have a little bit going for you on the eve of the Tour de France. [Ed. Note: Statman is a law student, and has interests outside of bike racing!] If you’re looking for a preview of that silly three week race around France, don’t expect it. It’s not an exciting race, especially with 100 km of Time Trialing this year, but there are other things to talk about. Sven walked home in the rain while his friend in ’cross grabbed another Tri-Color, the doping case against Wellens was dropped, Vos can still win the Giro Donne with or without a bike (she’s just that good), and the real return of Ryan Trebon has finally come!Sven Walks Home in the Rain, While His Friend in ’Cross Wins
If you were at all interested in the results of the Belgian Road National Championships last weekend, you may have checked out some of the photos of that race on CyclingNews, like the photo of Tom Boonen reminding everyone in the breakaway that he’s Tom Boonen and doesn’t take “no” for an answer, especially this year. But buried a little deeper was a photo of Nys looking a little less happy walking down a Belgian road in the rain with his bike by his side; the caption noting a flat tire ruining his day. Nys: a flat tire ruining his day? But he’s the King of ’Cross! How does that happen? Not only that, but with the arsenal of wheels we all know he has, getting a spare shouldn’t have been a problem, even if he had to bring less than usual because the team car had to support other riders. Could he have won the Tri-Color over Boonen? Probably not. But still, a ruined race by a flat tire and Nys are not synonymous at all.

Case Against Wellens is Dropped
The doping case against Wellens has been dropped, finally. I haven’t been following it that closely, maybe because I have a sense that even with his big win last year, he’s really not the Wellens of yesteryear, and we should be looking at Meeusen as the future. But, with the case dropped, we may see the continued resurgence of Wellens, as long as he can figure out that health thing. Maybe a little extra meat on his bones would help a bit, especially in the winter.

With or Without a Bike, Vos Can Still Win the Giro Donne, She’s Just That Good
Cycling pundits have been discussing the possibility of Vos winning another Giro Donne, but we ’cross folks all know that there should be no discussion of this fact. We know that even without her bike (which was stolen this past week), she can win the race. When Marianne sets her mind to winning something, she just wins it. Like … oh, the past four World Championships, as well as the ones before that. So, can she win the Giro Donne? If she had to ride a bike from Walmart with 20 inch wheels, she would win that race!

The Real Return of Ryan Trebon
Last year, we spoke of the return of Ryan Trebon when he just started winning everything (by the way, good move Stu; looks like the Green Machine will be winning at least half of everything again, if not more, with Tim getting back on the ball). But, for those of you who know Trebon’s long racing history, you would know that a true return would not come until he won a mountain bike competition against the likes of Wells, Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski, Kabush, Plaxton, and many, many more. Guess what folks, he did! Granted, the race was only an hour and fifteen minutes long, which is a really short cross country race. Maybe a little more suited to Trebon’s strengths, but it is a cross country race, and the former Cross Country National Champion has made his full return. Now to see what happens in Idaho at Nationals … will Trebon really make the full circle and take home stars and stripes, setting himself up to challenge Wells’ Trifecta of a few years ago?