Cyclocross season must not be that far away. Pros are jumping teams, planning their upcoming schedules, and securing their new sponsors and equipment. U.S. National Champ Katie Compton is no different and has officially chosen her headset for this year and has issued this press release:

U.S. Cyclocross National Champion Katie Compton will be riding Chris King headsets for the upcoming Cyclocross season. Compton will also ride Chris King hubs and headsets on her Primus Mootry rigs during the MTB season as she prepares for the upcoming cyclocross season. The switch to Chris King headsets was an easy one for the Spike Shooter rider. “If you walk into any bike store in the country and ask for the best headset it is only natural that you’ll be presented with a King headset, it’s the standard by which all other headsets are judged by,” Compton explains.

Chris King is a U.S. made product and its manufacturing processes and commitment to the environment appealed very strongly to the Spike Shooter rider.Compton’s husband and mechanic, Mark Compton is also very happy with the new addition to the race setup. “I’ve always respected Chris King because of their commitment to producing the finest products and their commitment to keeping all of their manufacturing in-house and not farming out to inferior far east production” says Mark Compton. “Our race rig setup is very unique because we are fortunate to be able to individually select each part on the bike, unlike other teams which are must run the whole package from one sponsor. Quite honestly if you buy a custom bike your first choice for headset will be a Chris King and that’s why we’re running King headsets.”

The Comptons will be preparing for the upcoming ‘cross season by racing together as a two person mixed team for this years BC bike race in Canada, a 7day MTB stage race starting in Canada on June 27th.

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