Although Katie Compton still continues her search for a title sponsor for the cyclocross season, the five-time national champion appears has landed a bike sponsor for the mountain bike and ‘cross season.

Compton and husband Mark Legg-Compton aren’t yet revealing the new equipment sponsor, but our sources indicate it may be the Somerville, Mass.-based Independent Fabrications. The handmade builder would likely suit the Compton’s particular sizing and geometry needs.

Compton did say that they’re excited to ride an “extremely high-tech cyclocross frame this season” and claims that “it’s like nothing that has ever been seen.” We’re certainly paying attention. Compton joins Jonathan Page as another top U.S. pro who will be riding a brand-new frame for the 2009 season. Stay tuned as we learn more about the new ride.

While having the trickest bike is nice, riding it around dirt roads of Colorado probably won’t do it justice. Legg-Compton worries that will happen if the couple does not soon find a title sponsor for Compton’s World Cup campaign.