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ASHEVILLE, North Carolina—As the sun continued to warm the course, Jay Trojan (Arc En Ciel Racing Team) basked in the warmth of the cheering crowd as he took the win the Men’s 55-59 National Championship Race.

Brad Young (Team led the race through the first turn off the start but couldn’t hold on as Russell Thorstrom (Team Rhino Rush) took to the point and led the race until Trojan took over on lap two.

Trojan was chased by last year’s winner Thomas Price (Trek Cyclocross Collective) with a small band of racers on his wheel, including Eric Anderson (Somerset Wheelmen), Robert Meigan, Tyler Munroe (Riverside Racing) and Thornstrom.

Jay Trojan celebrates the win in the 2016 Men's 55-59 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

Jay Trojan celebrates the win in the 2016 Men’s 55-59 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

Giro founder Jim Gentes ( was in the race and rode from a fourth row call-up to go top 20 and finish 16th.

One name not at the front of affairs was Steve Tilford (TradeWind Energy Cycling Team). Tilford posted on his blog that he had a hard fall during pre-ride yesterday and this morning confirmed to us that he had a broken thumb “as well as a couple of busted ribs.”

The new title holder, Trojan, high fived his fellow racers. Having gotten in Monday, he had seen the course a number of times and noted that everything came together for him at this, his first Cyclocross National Championships, just like the younger Victor Sheldon did earlier in the day.

2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Men's 55-59 Full Results

1Jay TROJANArc En Ciel Racing Team45:19.
2Thomas PRICETrek Cyclocross Collective45:53.
3Robert MEIGHANNone46:07.
4Eric ANDERSONSomerset Wheelmen46:16.
5Tyler MUNROERiverside Racing46:31.
6Danny WARNERVerdigris-Village CX Team46:50.
7Russell THORSTROMTeam Rhino Rush46:56.
8Tedd JACOBSONTeam Wisconsin47:05.
9Jay THORNTONG2 Bike47:36.
10Brad YOUNGTeam NYCROSS.com47:58.
11Daniel LACHZephyr Wheel Sports48:06.
12Randy SHIELDSHearts Racing Club48:23.
13Joe FABRISPlus 348:43.
14Joseph BRUBAKERKUHL48:49.
15Curtis SOUTHERNNCVC/UnitedHealthcare48:55.
16Jim GENTESbuy-cell.com48:56.
17Douglass GRAYFirst State Velo Sport49:13.
18Jeffrey CRAFTTeam Lake Effect49:37.
19Barney BAXTER49:42.
20Paul WAHNERGOCycling/ CX49:48.
21Steve ARSENAULTMonadnock Cycling Club49:52.
22Robert COLBERT49:52.
23John THOMPSONMt. Borah Epic Team49:57.
24Tim MARSHALL50:08.
25Brian DAVISCompass Research Cycling Team50:20.
26John MOSHERWheelworks Racing50:30.
27Lawrence TOWNERTeam ProPower Coaching50:43.
28Thomas PREHNBoulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo50:45.
29Doug CAMPBELLRaging Bull Racing50:48.
30Shawn DOWNINGJAMSQUAD Cycling50:48.
31Doug SHAWCrosstown Velo50:49.
32Scott REYNOLDSGuys Racing Club51:16.
33John ROGERSDCMTB41:05.
34John GRENIERMaine Cycling Club41:06.
35Jeffrey HAASEAsheville Bicycle Racing Club41:09.
36Doug RICHARDSBlue Sky Velo41:21.
37Steve NOBLESarasota Cycling Club p/b SeaSu41:25.
38John MCGRATHNEBC p/b Cycle Loft41:30.
39James PATERSONSpin Arts Cycling41:31.
40Eric SLOMANBicycle Outfitters Racing Team41:33.
41Derek GRIGGS41:36.
42David SHERWINVelo Allegro41:37.
43Kevin DOLAN41:38.
44Timothy SHEASunapee Racing Team41:40.
45John BAXTERConstellation Cycling41:49.
46Lee REAVISCarolina Cycling Team41:58.
47Roger PAYNELiving Water Cycling42:16.
48John ADAMIKRiverside Racing42:27.
49Dave GEISSERTNerac Earth42:35.
50Phillip JEROMEAll Terrain Cycling42:52.
51Jay FORGIONE43:00.
52Thomas CATALANOCannondale Cyclocrossworld43:16.
53Christopher SCOTTRiverside Racing43:31.
54Lonnie BROOKSCone Health/cycles de ORO43:31.
55Todd THORNTONConstellation Cycling43:32.
56David WOLFELArrow Bicycle43:48.
57Jon ANTONNEAU43:50.
58Dennis SMITH43:57.
59Robert PUGHFiets Maan Racing p/b Luna Cycl44:01.
60Allen MCMURTRY33:03.
61Scott WILSONEvolution Racing33:11.
62Mark SOLBERGJAMSQUAD Cycling33:39.
63Michael FITZGERALDL5Flyers Cycling Team33:54.
64Bill TELLMANTransylvania County Schools33:55.
65Richard TOLERTeam Dayton Bicycling34:20.
66Paul SCHWARTZOrlando Road Club34:27.
67Mark NORTHRichmond Velo Sport34:27.
68Marty CLOERFiets Maan Racing p/b Luna Cycl34:32.
69James FEEHANKissena Cycling Club34:42.
70Jeffrey LINNENMSG Cyclocross34:44.
71Todd JENKINS34:48.
72Franz Biron KEEFERColavita Racing Inc.34:56.
73Thomas FULCHERRock Creek Velo35:04.
74Andy PERRINOBio Wheels Racing35:09.
75Kevin MALLORYxXx Racing35:22.
76Derick SHOFFEvolution Racing36:15.
77Jim EMERYCycle-Smart Inc.24:22.
78Daryl ELLISNorthstar Racing24:56.
79Gustavo SANCHEZEvolution Racing24:58.
80Donald ISAACSTeam Bicycle Heaven25:08.
81Bob SZYMKIEWICZSlippery Sasquatch25:38.
82David OREAR25:44.
83Louis DAMELIOEvolution Racing25:51.
84John BAUEREvolution Jr. Devo Team26:10.
85John DZUBINSKIAmorosos Racing Team32:41.
86Mike THOMASHawleys Bicycle World Racing T15:10.

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