Johan Jacobs takes the barriers head on, although he gets a shoulder at the wrong time. photo: screenshot

Johan Jacobs takes the barriers head on, although he gets a shoulder at the wrong time. Gage Hecht, behind, is able to stay clear of the carnage. photo: screenshot

Check out the full race highlights for the Junior Race in Diegem in the video below. The young star Gage Hecht makes several appearances in the video, including a good miss of a downed Swiss rider, and the American is able to stay near the front of the race. The course was packed with ice and snow, making the conditions dreadful for the Junior riders.

Eli Iserbyt of Belgium took first, with fellow countryman Jappe Jaspers grabbing second, and Johan Jacobs of Switzerland able to recover from the crash to get third. Hecht was just off the podium in fourth, with Gavin Haley coming in as the next American at 13th. Stay tuned for full Junior results once they are released by the UCI.

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2014 Superprestige Diegem Cyclocross Junior Race Results

1Eli ISERBYTBEL1744:12:00
2Jappe JASPERSBEL1644:37:00
3Johan JACOBSSUI1744:45:00
4Gage HECHTUSA1645:07:00
5Max GULICKXNED1745:15:00
6Jarne DRIESENBEL1645:21:00
7Maik VAN DER HEIJDENNED1745:31:00
8Gianni SIEBENSBEL1645:47:00
9Jens DEKKERNED1645:54:00
10Stefano SALAITA1746:10:00
11Giorgio ROSSIITA1746:23:00
12Mitch GROOTNED1646:28:00
13Gavin HALEYUSA1746:33:00
14Han DEVOSBEL1746:36:00
15Briek HERMANSBEL1746:40:00
16Mart MUSKENSNED1746:57:00
17Jarno LIESSENSBEL1647:06:00
18Cooper WILLSEYUSA1747:32:00
19Lance HAIDETUSA1747:33:00
20Dylan BOUWMANSNED1748:00:00
21Yari CROLLETBEL1748:11:00
22Liam HELSOCHTBEL1748:20:00
23Federico MANDELLIITA1748:28:00
24Liam DUNNUSA1748:32:00
25Dorian DE MAEGHTBEL1748:38:00
26Cameron BEARDUSA1648:43:00
27Stijn SIEMONSBEL1748:43:00
28Esteban ROBERTFRA1748:48:00
29Joël GRABSUI1748:55:00
30Einar STEEGMANSBEL1649:07:00
31Rasmus GØTKEDEN1749:21:00
32Jerry DUFOURUSA1749:27:00
32Spencer PETROVUSA1649:27:00
34Thomas VERHEYENBEL1749:33:00
35Jonatan ÖSTLUNDSWE1749:35:00
36Brannan FIXUSA1749:37:00
37Etienne LOBERAFRA1650:19:00
38Ted PETTERSSONSWE1650:19:00
39Tomas SZEDELYIBEL1650:44:00
40Cormac DUNNUSA1752:42:00
41Andreas Lund ANDRESENDEN1652:53:00
44Jeremy COUTONBEL16