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  • Tech Tuesday: Eliminate Wet, Soggy Cycling Shorts Chamois Forever

    Either is fine. Tent Sure is cheaper and more flexible, Aquaseal may last longer and is said to reduce shrinkage. Save the extra 4oz and let your partner seal her shorts after doing yours. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Ever get tired of sitting on a wet chamois during your cyclocross racing and winter and spring riding? Remounting and landing on a cold, wet sponge is certainly no fun, and is easily one of our top pet peeves. There’s…

  • When to Replace or Re-Glue Your Tubulars: A Reader Mechanical Question

    Gluing is a tricky, time-consuming process. Jason Gardner

    Your question: How can I tell when my tubulars need to be re-glued? by Drew Hager Generally, a tire will bite the dust from damage or wear long before its glue bond would need to be re-touched. With that in…

  • Mechanical Monday: Should You Be Buying Tubulars Early? The Aging Process, Explained

    The Challenge Limus tubular tire, in 700x33c width, 300tpi casing. © Cyclocross Magazine

    If you’re planning on ordering some new tires for gravel racing (like Challenge’s Almanzo or Eroica, reviewed here), you might want to also order your cyclocross tubulars. Why? Like fine wine and cheese, tubulars benefit from the aging process! Emily…

  • Hutchinson Expands Cyclocross Tire Line with Tubulars, Mamba Tread – Interbike 2012

    Hutchinson's new Mamba cyclocross tubular tire has a pronounced side knob for cornering. ©Cyclocross Magazine

    France’s Hutchinson SA tire company has been hard at work updating and modifying its cyclocross tire lineup in recent years, and the introductions have been quite impactful. The company introduced the first-ever “tubeless-ready” cyclocross tires with the Bulldog and Piranha in…

  • Sea Otter 2012: New Cyclocross Tires Unveiled by Continental, Ritchey, Hutchinson and Vee Rubber

    The new Ritchey WCS Shield 700x35 tire has lots of short knobs f

    Digging around the booths at the 2012 Sea Otter Classic, we uncovered a few new cyclocross tires and some tire news. It takes a bit of detective work to find new cyclocross tires at Sea Otter, but given that it’s…

  • Mechanical Monday: Re-gluing Tubulars

    Cyclocross tires, like this Dugast, are narrow with dirt tread

    Mechanical Monday is back, and we’re testing out a new feature: Reader Questions. If you have a mechanical question, feel free to ask it in the comments, on Twitter, on Facebook, or in our Cowbell Forum. Today, our topic is…

  • Mechanical Monday: Protecting Your Tubulars

    Protect those tubulars, they don't come cheap! Kenton Berg

    It’s nearly mid-September and by now a good portion of y’all reading this will have raced already or will be prepping to race this next weekend. If you’ve been to your first race you undoubtably heard the moans of some poor soul who flatted his or her newly glued tubular and can’t believe they have to go through those dreaded steps again. You know, clean, stretch, glue, et cetera! If you’re lucky enough that this poor sap isn’t you, then a little bit more prep work can stave off this scenario.

  • Mechanical Mondays: Gluing Tubulars

    Gluing is a tricky, time-consuming process. Jason Gardner

    Gluing tubulars is tricky business. And writing about it is just as difficult, if not more so. After all, everyone has his or her own gluing style, and everyone will tell you that his or her style is the best one. One of our brave mechanics, Jason Gardner of Jinji Cycles, decided to share his expertise with us.

  • New Product Spotlight: Clement’s Cyclocross Tubular Tire Technology and Upcoming MXP, USH Tires

    Clement’s Donn Kellogg has spent a good part of his life around tires, and after relaunching the Clement brand and bringing cyclocrossers the PDX and LAS cyclocross clinchers in 2010, he’s been focused on expanding his tire line-up with both additional treads and tubular tires.

    The result of his efforts? A tubeless, seamless cyclocross tubular that eschews the hand-made construction of cyclocross tubular tires like Dugast, FMB, Challenge and Vittoria, and instead adopts Tufo-like technology but promises a more supple casing.

  • Mechanical Mondays: Gluing Tubies, How Clean Is Clean Enough?

    How much glue should you leave on the rim when cleaning? Kenton Berg

    Gluing tubulars can be stressful enough, and there are so many different “best ways” of getting the job done. This week, we wanted to look at one question that we hear a lot when talking about gluing up tubulars: when gluing new tires on a wheel that’s been used and glued before, what kind of prep should you be doing? And more specifically, how clean do you want your rims to be before gluing on new tires?

  • Mechanical Mondays: Weight Saving Tips For Your Cyclocross Bike


    This year, you’ll be faster. You’ll train harder and you’re going to maximize every pedal stroke, and in order to do that, your bike has got to be lighter. There are a few easy ways, a few hard ways and ways that cost more than others to make that happen.

  • Mechanical Mondays: Gluing Tubular Cyclocross Tires


    We’ve been reviewing new tires like the Limus from Challenge, and talking about some great wheelsets you might want to consider for the season. A few we’ve looked at so far include the Williams Cyclocross Tubular, the Zipp 303 Cyclocross…

  • Looking at the Limus – Challenge Tire’s Mud Cyclocross Tubular Tire Unveiled

    Challenge Tire’s long-awaited Limus cyclocross tubular, its mud-specific tire and answer to the Dugast Rhino, is in production and recent prototypes are already here in the States. After bringing you tread photos of the Limus from Interbike 2010, Cyclocross Magazine has acquired photos of early versions of the new Challenge tubular that’s named after the Latin word for Mud.

  • Analysis: USA Cycling to Vote on Rule Changes that Will Shape American Cyclocross

    by Kat Statman From the USA Cycling Communique about proposed rule changes: “The USCF Board of Trustees will vote on several key issues when it meets in conjunction with the USA Cycling Local Associations on Nov. 6-7 in Colorado Springs. All USA…

  • Sea Otter Expo Cyclocross Products – New Wheels, Tires, Advocates and a Birthday

    Easton's new EC90SL clincher features an innovative molded hook bead

    Sea Otter Classic’s Expo continues to be the springtime event for cycling manufacturers to unveil their new cycling products, and there’s plenty of cyclocross products to be seen. Today we take a look a three new cyclocross-worthy wheels, higher TPI…

  • Down In the Pits at Nats: Tire Choices

    We’ve got a lot more great content from Nats coming. Today we take a look at racers’ tire choices for the constantly changing course conditions. (Be sure to keep checking our complete coverage of the 2009 Cyclocross National Championships Center…

  • New Product Spotlight: Grammo Tubolari CX Tubular Wheelset

    by Clifford Lee It is well-known that racing on tubulars in cyclocross has multiple benefits, including better pinch flat protection, lower rolling resistance and better traction due to lower pressures and more supple tires, and lighter overall weight due to…

  • Échappé Equipment Expands Cyclocross Wheel Rental Options

    The guys at Échappé Equipment (reviewed in Issue 6) have got a new season pass option and new wheel options for cyclocrossers this season. Didn’t get your wheels in time? Haven’t tried tubulars yet? Still waiting for the glue to…

  • BikeSnob NYC Gets Sticky: Think Before You Glue

    So you’ve now read different ways on how to secure your cyclocross tubular tires, but should you do it? Your favorite bike snob weighs in on this sticky issue. by BikeSnobNYC Cyclocross, despite its inherent absurdity and discomfort, can hook…

  • Taping and Gluing Tubulars the Belgian Way

    So you’ve picked up your tubular wheels and tires and are eying that first race. Perhaps  our how-to for multi-step process of gluing cyclocross tires is overwhelming? You can kick back with a Belgian brew and enjoy the drawn-out process,…

  • The Grifo Tread: Perfected Decades Ago or Far From Perfect?

    NOS Clement Grifo tubulars on eBay - The perfect tire, aged to perfection?

    Cyclocross technology has come a long way. Nowadays racers can walk into a store and walk out with an 18 pound carbon ‘cross bike with an ultralight, stiff, carbon frame and fork with oversized tubes, headsets, and bottom brackets, easily…

  • New CX Product News and Cancellations from Sea Otter

    Hutchinson's Dana Carson talks tubeless and tubulars

    Beyond the ‘cross products on display at the Sea Otter Classic Expo, there are plenty of cyclocross product news and rumors that we dug up. Fuji bikes says they have a third cyclocross bike in the works

  • New Cyclocross Gear from Sea Otter, Part I

    Day 1 of the Sea Otter Classic Expo came and went, and for the second year in a row, the crew at Cyclocross Magazine found there was plenty of new cyclocross products to see. You just needed to know where…

  • New Product Spotlight: Challenge Grifo XS

    We’ve been reporting for a while about the trend of bike parts going to white this season. TRP magnesium brakes, Ritchey WCS components in white, the Redline Team’s saddle, bar tape, and stem, and Titus and Ellsworth’s new ‘cross frames,…

  • New Product Spotlight: Vittoria Evo XM Tubulars

    Cyclocross Magazine paid off a paparazzo (with just a free subscription) to capture a spy quick photo of the very first Vittoria Evo XM Tubulars, a new, aggressive-treaded model to join Vittoria’s existing XG and XN tires. Although we do…

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