Beyond the ‘cross products on display at the Sea Otter Classic Expo, there are plenty of cyclocross product news and rumors that we dug up.

Fuji bikes says they have a third cyclocross bike in the works to supplement its current Comp and Pro models. The bike will featured a custom aluminum tubeset with squared top and down tubes and Shimano Ultegra components. Will we see the three McCormack brothers racing on it for Team Fuji this season?

Hutchinson's Dana Carson talks tubeless and tubulars

Hutchinson's Dana Carson talks tubeless and tubulars

The boys at Hutchinson say they would love to release a tubular version of its popular Bulldog cyclocross clincher. Will it happen? Hutchinson’s Dana Carson says the top dogs at the company were blown away by the U.S. cyclocross scene at Cross Vegas and hopefully will consider it.  They certainly understand the benefits of low pressure in cyclocross, and have been quoting our “Under Pressure” tire research found in Issues 3  and 5 of our print magazine in interviews and press releases.

Kenda also sees the demand for ‘cross tubulars, and is considering the option. Will ‘cross save the sew-up?

Speaking of tires, Michelin knows their original green Mud cyclocross tire has a following, and even has a few left at headquarters. However, they were surprised when we told them how much their tires have commanded on eBay. Upon prodding, they seemed open to considering bringing it back if demand really exists. Think they should? Add your name to the thread in our forums. They’ll see it.

DT Swiss is working on a cyclocross wheel, and hopes it will be ready for this season. No specific details yet.

As mentioned on Friday, one major component company gave us an exclusive sneak preview of their prototype, wide-profile cyclocross brake. While we couldn’t take pictures, we were impressed, with a nice, minimalist straddle cable hanger, carbon fiber brake pad holders, and toe-in adjustability. They too hope to have it ready for the fall, and you can be sure you’ll hear more about it here. Who is it? Can’t say, but one hint is that there are plenty of rumors of a lot more components from this U.S. based company.

Lastly, not all ‘cross product news was good news for gear-heads. Ritchey has pulled the plug on the WCS version of the Excavader tire, and Continental’s new cyclocross clinchers are delayed but should be out this summer while its tubulars are unfortunately on hold for now.  SRAM’s Shorty Ultimate brake is still in the works but product is delayed on that as well. And Crank Brother’s super-affordable but not necessarily race-worthy Smarty pedal, the Candy’s cheaper little brother, has been cancelled as the company focuses on its mountain bike roots. The road-oriented Quattro was also cut.