Ritchey's new lightweight V5 pedal.

We’ve got more ‘cross relevant gear from Sea Otter’s Expo.

As mentioned yesterday, SRAM’s Zipp division announced its new 45mm tall 303 carbon rim design, offering a 5.1 mm wider rim and different shape. The wider rim offers more gluing area and support for the wider tires us cyclocrossers use, and the company is offering a ‘cross version with 24 spokes, front and back. Price? $2285 a set.

Another highlight was the new Ibis Hakkalugi cyclocross bike, shown off at Sea Otter 2009. The Hakkalugi returns with the iconic Handjob brake cable housing stop, but now it’s half the weight of its steel ancestor due to its new carbon fiber construction.  [Update: See our Issue 8 review of the Ibis Hakkalugi carbon fiber cyclocross bike.]

See our gallery below for more photos of new products from ESI, Kore, Ritchey and more.