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  • Friday Feature: The Great Coffee Debate

    The great coffee debate is raging in the Cowbell forums, will you weigh in?

    Almost as much as beer, coffee is a part of cyclocross, and cycling in general. Coffee snobbery is fairly common at races, though the Dunkin’ Donuts run remains a time-honored tradition for some teams. This week on the Cowbell Forum, we had a member ask for coffee suggestions, and the forum went crazy. The great coffee debate, labeled “Coffee Anyone” had answers ranging from tiny fair trade roasters to more traditional blends.

  • Friday Feature: Raleigh Midsummer Night’s Cyclocross Fight For The Holeshot Video

    Elite Men's start at Midsummer Night Cross

    Last week, we reported on Raleigh Midsummer Night’s Cyclocross Race, with full course preview coverage, race coverage with a full photo gallery and a peek at Raleigh’s new line of cyclocross bikes. But what you may have missed is our great video of the start of the Elite Men’s race, featuring riders like Craig Richey, Russell Stevenson, Zach McDonald and JT Fountain. You can tell that it’s early on in the season by the relatively small size of the field, and the fact that some of these racers had a hard time keeping the rubber side down as they fought for the holeshot, causing a small crash right at the start. As our publisher/head cowbell ringer for Cyclocross Magazine, Andrew Yee, put it: “This is when the holeshot isn’t worth it.”

  • Friday Feature: Fantasy League Tour De France Continues

    Top Ten as of Stage 12

    If you’re sitting at home (or in the office) morning after morning, sipping coffee and laughing/crying as the racers in the Tour de France battle it out over the course of three weeks, then … well, you’re just like us here at Cyclocross Magazine. And if you’re taking part in our Fantasy League for the Tour, even better!

  • Friday Feature: Japanese Cyclocross And A Blast From Cyclocross’ Past

    Screen shot Japan Cyclocross Video

    Can’t get enough cyclocross? If the Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Series was interesting to you for the international appeal, this video of Kansai Cyclocross posted on the Cowbell Forums by pigmon_tatara will be equally intriguing.

  • Friday Feature: Bilenky Junkyard Cross Short Film

    Every Friday, we’ll be highlighting a great new video, photo or forum topic related to cyclocross. Have a suggestion? Let us know in the comments or by emailing molly [at] cxmagazine.com

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