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  • Should I Step-Thru During My Dismount? – Continuing Education

    Powers poured it on to take third in front of Berden. ©Jeffrey Jakucyk

    So you’ve been racing cyclocross for a few years, have been finishing mid-pack, and you’re now looking towards next season wondering where you can gain an extra edge. Perhaps last year, you saw a few elite racers moving their unclipped…

  • Get in the Holiday Spirit by Celebrating Bunny-Hopping

    Zdenek Stybar and his pink Specialized Crux ... we're wondering if he's heading out to go hide eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt. ©Specialized

    by Molly Hurford Sure, it’s a little silly. But here at Cyclocross Magazine HQ, we’re getting in the Easter-egg-hunting spirit by imagining ourselves soaring effortlessly over barriers, like Zach McDonald or Jeremy Powers. Of course, none of the staff at…

  • Coaching Corner: Building Your Own Barriers

    15 minutes and 15 dollars is all you need to build a set of practice barriers. © Molly Hurford

    Building a set of collapsible barriers with PVC pipe is a piece of cake! If you’ve ever attending a cyclocross practice session, you probably have seen a set of PVC barriers erected. For one thing, they’re incredibly easy to break down and set up. An added bonus is that if a newer, more unsteady rider crashes into them (or if a seasoned pro comes in too hot and crashes into them), it won’t really hurt anything but his or her pride.

  • Video: Between the Barriers at Raleigh’s April Sea Otter Cyclocross

    Raleigh once again brought us some off-season cyclocross with April’s Sea Otter 2013 cyclocross race. After a small but enthusiastic showing in 2012 won by Ben Berden and Georgia Gould, the event returned for 2013 with more high-profile names and…

  • Video: How to Corner, with the Keoughs

    Jesse, Luke and Nick Keough show how to take corners.

    by Molly Hurford With Nationals rapidly approaching, it can’t hurt to brush up on some basic techniques: after all, no matter what the course conditions, corners will always be a part of cyclocross racing. A couple of months ago, the…

  • Video: Barriers, Remounts and Dismounts with the Keough Brothers

    Jesse, Luke and Nick Keough show how to take corners.

    by Molly Hurford If you’re part of the New England cyclocross scene, you’ve probably come across a Keough or two while racing. As the managers and racers for Keough Cyclocross presented by Champion Systems, the crew is hard to miss,…

  • Is Joey Really OK? Joey Speaks Up and Tells His Story – Updated

    Joey hit the ground hard, but he's OK! Craig Fowler

    There have been a lot of questions asked and many things assumed about my “incident.” Allow me to set the record straight. My name is Joey Mullan, and I crashed on my bike. As for the intensity of the crash, wow! I have raced singlespeed cyclocross for the past three seasons, this being my fourth. I don’t consider myself a roadie, a mountain biker or a BMX kid. I do it all, but I consider myself a cyclocrosser, 100%.

  • Newbie News: Cyclocross Transitions and the Time-Space Continuum

    Taking barriers is a piece of cake if you practice! Erik Tonkin

    One of the best cyclocross skills to learn as a new racer is learning how to take “transitions.” (Not just barriers: transitions can mean a lot of different obstacles.) In this article, Erik Tonkin of Sellwood Cycles writes about how…

  • Adam Myerson Reflects on the New UCI Rule Changes

    Adam Myerson is a longtime racer who has worked his way up to the pro ranks of road and cyclocross racing. As both a competitor and the owner of Cycle-Smart coaching, Myerson knows what goes into maximizing performance on a…

  • New UCI Rules Mean Big Changes Next Season

    by Dan Seaton New rules officially adopted by the UCI’s Management Committee today will mean major changes for the world’s top races come this fall.  The rules, which cover everything from allowed bicycle components to course design, were approved following…

  • To Hop or Not? Bunny Hopping Cyclocross Barriers

    Adam Craig hopping the barriers at Cross Vegas 2009. by Cyclocross Magazine

    Sven Nys’ early days of BMX racing developed his mad bunny hopping skills, and his ability to dominate races by hopping the UCI’s 40 cm barriers single-handily changed cyclocross courses and rules forever. Wonder why we see so few high-speed…

  • Grass, Dirt, Barriers, Doping…and Horses?

    Cyclocross is a brutal sport for sure, with its varied off-road surfaces, epic conditions, and the need to jump over barriers at speed in front of crowds. Unfortunately, a few bad apples turn to “juice” to seek an edge in…

  • UCI Bans Tubeless Tires and Zertz Inserts, Considers Banning Barriers

    Note: This was one of three April Fools stories, posted on April 1, 2008. Although we would not be surprised by a ban on barriers, tubeless tire systems, Zertz, and Buzzkill are not banned. In a surprising move by the…

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