We’re suckers for slow-mo videos, especially ones that features barriers, bunnyhopping and differing dismounts and carrying techniques.

Nubetre took a break from his RC Truck videos yesterday to share this slow-mo video above of the cyclocross pro men at the barriers at the 2016 Cycle-Smart International in November. The video highlights both the hoppers and the runners.

Jeremy Powers steals the show, being the first of the group to hop the barriers in his 2016 National Championship jersey, but eagle eyes will notice the difference in bike carrying techniques among the racers running with their bikes.

Peter Goguen and Curtis White lead the pack through the barriers, keeping their bikes well below their elbows, with a noticeable bike swing to clear the barriers.

Meanwhile, Dan Chabanov and Adam Myerson (at 0:45 in the video) are in sync as they lift and carry their bikes much higher, well above their elbows, as they run through the barriers.

Neither technique is right or wrong of course, and both appear to be smooth and fast.

If you’re still trying to figure out how best to clear the barriers with your bike, thanks to Nubetre, you’ve got a good demonstration of various carrying techniques to try this offseason.

Confused? Seek out a clinic this summer or fall and have an expert show you in person.