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In the 70+ race, Bob Llamas (Montrose Cycling Club), another warm-weather native coming from Southern California, took the holeshot and never looked back. “The course was technical, and I’m not good at technical. I can go up hills and use the little power I have,” he said, though his results suggest otherwise. “I was just cautious and didn’t crash, just slipped a lot,” he explained.

Robert Llamas in the lead. © Steve Anderson

Robert Llamas in the lead. © Steve Anderson

He then asked what many of the racers surely wanted to: “Can I go home now?”

Early morning races mean slick, icy conditions, especially in this corner before the finish. © Matthew Lasala

Early morning races mean slick, icy conditions, especially in this corner before the finish. © Matthew Lasala

In the 75-79 field, Ronald Riley (Bike Station Aptos) took the win, and in the 80+ race, Walter Axthelm took the title.

The 80+ race was between Axthelm and Fred Schmid, two fierce competitors who find themselves racing each other with frightening regularity for National titles in ’cross and road.

“I was just trying to get a good start out front. There’s so much single file, so if you can get ahead, it’s difficult to get past.”

Riley, the 75-79 winner, laughed when he told us that he finished behind the two 80+ racers, but still was victorious in his category. “At my age, there are two goals: Get to the starting line and get to the finish line.”

Results follow gallery.

Gregg Wins 60-64, Bannister Takes 65-69, Llamas Snags 70+ at the 2014 National Championships – Gallery by Steve Anderson

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2014 USA Cyclocross National Championships Men 60-64

112GREGGHardwickBirmingham Velo
220LONGD Douglas360 Racing
334TOWNSENDCharlesNorthStar Development
416JONESGlenTrek Midwest Team
54BROOKSErikAvanti Racing Club
621LONGMIREMichaelJacobson-Schutte Cycling Team
78DILLONRobertGreen Mountain Bicycle Club
838WITTWERFredCharm City Cycling LLC
97DAYJames (Jimmy)Bike n Sport Racing
1122MCCOLLAMMalcolmTulsa Wheelmen
1226PEARSONRichardTeam Kaos Cycling
1423MOOREMatthewClinton Cycling Club
1527PERRYMANEricSchwab Cycles Racing Team
172BEACHYLandonTwisted Spokes Racing Team
1917KENNEDYPatrickBoo Bicycles - TrainingPeaks
2025PARKERHarold360 Racing
2114HUSERJeffNM Devo
2235WENTLINGJohnMidwest Masters Cycling Team-KS
2329SACHSRichardConnecticut Yankee BC
249DOWNINGTimLouisville Velo Club/ Team Loui
2532SPAKMichaelSchwab Cycles Racing Team
2730SCOTTGeorgeSwift Cycling
2815HYDRICKDavidTulsa Wheelmen
2933STINTONButchRocky Mountain Cancer Centers C
3119KROESINGGirvanFront Rangers Cycling Club
3231SHIELDSKerryMock Orange Bikes
3318KRAMERCoryOld School Racing
345CANFIELDChrisBoulder Cycle Sport
DNS6CLASSENGalenInternational Christian Cycling
DNS10GLASSCOCKScottTeam Rio Grande


2014 USA Cyclocross National Championships Men 80+



2014 USA Cyclocross National Championships Men 75-79



2014 USA Cyclocross National Championships Men 70-74



2014 USA Cyclocross National Championships Men 65-69

1BANNISTERPhillipPutney Bicycle Club
2OGRENRobertThe Fix Studio
3ROLLINSLewisVelosport Racing
5MARVINAllanAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
6ABBOTTRickExcel Sports Boulder
7ELGARTJohnAlto Velo Racing Club
8SOUTHCharlesMen Of Steel Racing LLC
9BURSTKenTeam Momentum
10BAGIENSKIRichardDurango Wheel Club
11ADAMSONJohnTwisted Spokes Racing Team
12ELLIOTTRichardInternational Christian Cycling
13CULLINSBillPermian Basin Bicycle Assoc
14FANNINGWhitneyBicycles Outback Racing
DNSPIZZINILeoneFirst State Velo Sport


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