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Here, MTB-er Kelli Emmett carefully rides over the rocks. Amy Dykema

Here, MTB-er Kelli Emmett carefully rides over the rocks. Amy Dykema

Some of our top cyclocrossers did pretty darn well when switching to wider tires and suspension forks at mountain bike nationals a couple of weeks ago (their results are listed below.) If you’ve been keeping track in Rumors and Rumblings, you already know who the top cyclocrossers to finish were. No surprise that Todd Wells handily won the cross country race, and that Georgia Gould took the gold in the women’s cross country race. In an interesting twist, while Gould won the cross country race and Katie Compton came in third, in the short track race, Compton won and Gould was in third place. The way the two switch back and forth should make for one interesting season this fall.

Amy Dykema, a wonderful photographer, was there to capture the event with her camera and shared some of her favorite shots, which can be viewed in the gallery below.

Cross Country

Pro Men
1. Todd Wells
10. Barry Wicks

Pro Women
1. Georgia Gould
3. Katie Compton
11. Katherine Sherwin

Short Track

Pro Men
2. Todd Wells
3. Ryan Trebon

Pro Women
1. Katie Compton
3. Georgia Gould
4. Katherine Sherwin

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