Grinduro California finally came back with its first USA race since the start of the pandemic. The 2020 edition got canceled during the pandemic but took place in spring conditions with a bit of snow still on the track.

For those that don’t know, Grinduro is exactly what it sounds like, gravel road mixed with mountain-bike style endurance in a fondo-like format. It’s one long loop of pavement and dirt with the finish time comprising of only four timed sections.

The event started in California but now has expanded to Pennsylvania, Wales, Australia and Germany and made a stop in Japan in 2019.

Even though much of the ride wasn’t timed, it was plenty challenging, with riders reporting up to three miles of hike-a-bike thanks to oversized gravel:

The event had live music, food & drinks, and a festival atmosphere with art and hand-made bikes everywhere. We have covered Grinduro since the very beginning of 2015 and their move from Quincy to Mt. Shasta.

Both the male and female winners in 2022 are familiar names to cyclocross fans.

Van den Ham Victorious After Timing Errors

The first-place male, Canadian champ Michael van den Ham, finished with an overall time of 41:43.65.

While preliminary results published online had the cyclocrosser as a DNF, Van den Ham suffered from electronic timing errors. Thanks to riding with a GPS and Strava, organizers used his Strava time for the final segment to officially declare him the winner.

Cyclocross fans might also recognize a few other names. Cyclocross-pro-gone-gravel Ben Frederick, who finished his fight with small monsters, took second place with a time of 42:42.25. The former U23 USA Cycling Cyclocross champ Nicholas Weighall made another return to top-level racing. Justin Peck, the son of fast Masters cyclocross racer Chris Peck, had a strong showing, while former USA Cycling National Champ Maxx Chance and offroad racing legend and garage tinkerer Barry Wicks also contested the enduro-style gravel race.

Here are the full results for Pro Men:

2022 Grinduro California Pro Men Results

RankBibNameTeamTimeStage 1: Gravel ClimbStage 2: Singletrack RollingStage 3: Gravel RollingStage 4: Gravel Descent
15Michael van den HamGiant x Easton41:43.6510:08.329:45.2712:28.069:22.00
217Ben FrederickORNOT/TheSmallMonstersProject/Ritchey42:42.2511:15.779:40.6212:33.059:12.81
322Robert BrittonFELT x Easton Overland x WIRTH42:52.7110:23.5610:25.7612:15.399:48.00
49Justin PeckLive Play Real Estate43:17.4610:51.939:53.6412:24.6810:07.21
53Brennan WertzScuderia Pinarello43:38.8410:47.2610:39.3212:07.8910:04.37
64nicholas WeighallBMC44:57.9312:23.2110:01.9513:12.879:19.90
721Maxx ChanceSage Titanium46:01.7912:41.569:32.0913:34.9310:13.21
81Dain ZaffkeGiro Sport Design47:09.8513:17.9310:08.6414:18.069:25.22
97Trevor RolandDsendit/Art’s Cyclery47:24.9112:37.999:56.6715:00.289:49.97
1020Isaac EstradaRock lobster48:27.0912:34.1010:51.7113:53.2811:08.00
1119Ian FayEvil Bikes50:00.9911:34.2314:24.6514:13.739:48.38
12648Barry WicksKona50:41.4216:02.4410:50.5014:02.889:45.60
132Derek Yarra55:34.7717:02.0611:22.2916:35.3010:35.12
DNF18Mitchell FloresChainlinebikesDNF21:40.2311:45.0627:33.29DNF

Easton Overland Dominates Pro Women’s Podium

Cyclocross pro Caitlin Bernstein of Easton Overland won first with a time of 48:22.02.

She led World Tour racer Tiffany Cromwell and fellow Easton Overland teammate and 2015 Grinduro winner Caroline Dezendorf for the first Grinduro podium in the shadow of Mount Shasta.

Pro cyclocrosser Rebecca Fahringer finished fourth.

Here are the full results for Pro Women:

2022 Grinduro California Pro Women Results

RankBibNameTeamTimeStage 1: Gravel ClimbStage 2: Singletrack RollingStage 3: Gravel RollingStage 4: Gravel Descent
1.29Caitlin BernsteinEaston Overland / Devinci Cycles48:22.0212:49.5810:48.8314:03.2410:40.37
2.27Tiffany CromwellCanyon/SRAM48:56.2013:07.9911:20.3414:12.8710:15.00
3.25Caroline DezendorfEaston Overland // Cervelo51:50.1014:33.9911:04.8814:56.6511:14.58
4.649Rebecca FahringerKona53:04.6715:40.3011:01.0415:44.5110:38.82
5.26Delilah CuppJuliana Bicycles70:34.0819:44.1314:37.5421:37.3814:35.03
6.647Jennifer QuijadaShadow Elite72:10.8821:13.8815:26.6521:15.6814:14.67