The 2016 Grinduro once again delivered a hilly social gravel ride, amazing scenery and a variety of challenging time segments that tested cyclists from all disciplines. Racers hailed from many states and countries to take part in the second-annual gravel enduro race, as featured in Issue 31.

This year’s men’s and women’s winners took different approaches to the the 2016 Grinduro win. “Retired” Meredith Miller used her road racing skills and smarts to jump in a fast train and time trial her way to a win in her first attempt.

Last year’s second place Duncan Riffle descended his way to victory, and in the process, climbed up one spot to upgrade his 2015 silver medal behind Barry Wicks. Wicks finished fourth, behind Riffle, Geoff Kabush and Carl Decker, who just left the E.R. due to kidney stones.

For most, the event was an excuse for a ride with friends in the mountains, with good food and scenery:

2016 Grinduro Brief results below. Stay tuned for a ride report.

2016 Grinduro Brief Results - Pro Women Top 10

PlRiderHough n PuffBig GrizzlyInd. CreekMt. HoughTotal
1Meredith Miller09:18.914:29.412:20.612:26.248:35.2
2Laura Winberry09:06.814:58.713:
3Helene Drumm08:48.715:12.814:37.212:15.150:53.8
4Sofia Gomez Villafane08:38.015:17.215:04.112:15.851:15.3
5Caitlin C. Bernstein09:28.716:05.314:40.712:12.252:27.0
6Jennifer Luebke08:52.015:47.312:21.415:43.552:44.4
7Abbey Grimmer10:29.715:16.715:38.112:09.453:34.0
8Campbell Steers09:48.516:40.714:37.812:31.353:38.3
9Amity Gregg09:24.717:04.813:20.514:06.653:56.7
10Emily Kachorek09:00.817:35.613:21.914:56.754:55.1

2016 Grinduro Brief Results - Pro Men Top 30

PlRiderHough n PuffBig GrizzlyInd. CreekMt. HoughTotal
1Duncan Riffle06:40.012:27.912:19.89:21.1040:48.9
2Geoff Kabush06:18.012:25.912:17.010:17.341:18.3
3Carl Decker07:10.112:20.212:18.89:33.141:22.3
4Barry Wicks07:03.512:25.512:20.610:15.442:05.2
5Christopher Jones06:38.312 :26.012:18.111:01.742:24.2
6Rob Evans06:44.113:13.112:18.310:12.S42:28.1
7Matthew Fox7:07.413:03.S13:48.209:53.543:52.7
8Glenn Fant8:52.513:07.412:20.509:35.143:55.6
9William Curtis07:40.813:00.712:21.610:55.243:58.5
10Mark Weir8:51.013:14.312:20.009:33.543:59.0
11Adam Craig6:43.813:20.913:22.510:47.444:14.8
12Rob Evans07:33.913:16.912:12.511:41.844:45.3
13Rainier Schaefer8:05.614:08.812:15.510:57.145:27.2
14Adan1 Kesselman7:20.713:57.112:19.611:59.545:37.1
15Shane Bresnyan8:14.713:24.014:20.909:39.445:39.1
16Nate King7:03.713:52.112:48.512:44.246:28.6
17Laurens Ten Dam7:01.713:54.013:20.313:06.447:22.5
18Nathaniel English7:02.714:34.913:26.912:29.447:34.0
19jam esstonich8:16.614:00.513:47.611:56.848:01.6
20Emery Wedel8:06.013:54.415:15.911:06.048:22.5
21joe williams9:07.513:27.815:08.211:06.048:49.7
22Ryan Gardner7:08.319:28.812:19.911:06.050:03.2
27Karsten Kroon
28Matthew Slaven
29Chris Namba
30Vinny Owens
The results are in, and Grinduro says good night.

The results are in, and Grinduro says good night.