by Molly Hurford

Want to know what to look for on Cyclocross Magazine this week? Worried you might have missed something last week? Fear not, because we’ve got it all mapped out for you. Every Monday, we have a preview of what’s in store for the week, and we’ll let  you know about some of the great articles that you might have missed last week. If there’s any story you’d like us to cover, any burning question you want answered, or any cool racer you’d like to hear from, let us know! Leave messages in the comments, find me on the Cowbell Forums or email molly [at]

Keep Your Eyes Peeled This Week For:

  • Mechanical Mondays: this week, we have a new writer talking about ways to “trim the fat” and cut weight off of your cyclocross bike.

    Barrier practice for the junior racers. Tom Robertson

    At camp, barrier practice for the junior racers. © Tom Robertson

  • Take a behind the scenes look at the first USAC Cyclocross Development Camp for juniors. (Hint: they run stadium stairs. And also ride bikes.)
  • Training Tuesday: it turns out cyclocross is good for your brain (who would have thought?) Researcher Don Yungher tells us why riding a ’cross course may be beneficial to our health. And here I thought we were all just crazy!
  • Women’s Wednesday with Katherine Sherwin, who recently came in fourth, right behind Georgia Gould, in short course mountain bike nationals.
  • In The Saddle with … this man defies description, he’s involved in so many parts of cycling, both in the US and Europe. But you’ll catch a glimpse of him earlier this week in one of our other articles.
  • Paul Warloski has another great column coming out on Saturday.
  • Our newest “pit crew member” David Evans will (we hope) make his triumphant return from his sojourn from Barcelona to Paris, and will fill us in on his tales of Cyclocross On The Cheap.

You May Have Missed:

  • Our US MTB Nationals photo gallery, courtesy of Amy Dykema, a wonderful photographer.

    Here, MTB-er Kelli Emmett carefully rides over the rocks. Amy Dykema

    At MTB Nats, MTB-er Kelli Emmett carefully rides over the rocks. © Amy Dykema

  • Sal Ruibal’s column on the woes of being a Master … and getting beat by one fast 12 year old girl!
  • Mechanical Mondays: we asked some top mechanics for their thoughts on the best ways to upgrade a stock cyclocross bike — on an under $100 budget. (Hint: one thing most mechanics will agree on is that you might want to check out our Tour de Tire coverage to decide on which tires to upgrade to.)
  • Collegiate Chronicles: some students can’t wait to get back to school come September … and by back to school, we mean into collegiate ’cross season, of course. This week, we talked to some of the people working “behind the scenes” to bring collegiate cyclocross to the masses, to find out why and how they do what they do, and what to expect this season.
  • The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo: train, stretch, eat, sleep, repeat. Thanks to a coach keeping tabs on me, I’m starting to morph back into “real racer” mode. Of course, it would help if my bikes would stop falling apart.
  • In The Saddle With Rob Brandt: Lee Waldman takes on the role of reporter and interviews this bike industry pro, Rob Brandt, who also spends some time “in the saddle.”
  • Speaking of Lee, he also has a great column out on how, as a Master, he’s changed tactics and is more prepared for cyclocross season than ever before.
  • New Product Spotlight: Shimano CX70 Cyclocross Components – complete with a video and, of course, photos
  • Thank goodness for Rumors and Rumblings with Kat Statman, since the season is creeping closer and the rumor mills are churning out gossip like it’s going out of style.
  • Between race announcement, clinic announcements and team announcements, our Press Release section has been updated nearly daily, so if you’re looking for industry news, look no further.