by Molly Hurford

Want to know what to look for on Cyclocross Magazine this week? Worried you might have missed something last week? Fear not, because we’ve got it all mapped out for you. Every Monday, we have a preview of what’s in store for the week, and we’ll let  you know about some of the great articles that you might have missed last week. If there’s any story you’d like us to cover, any burning question you want answered, or any cool racer you’d like to hear from, let us know! Leave messages in the comments, find me on the Cowbell Forums or email molly [at]

Keep Your Eyes Peeled This Week For:

  • Mechanical Mondays: we asked some top mechanics for their thoughts on the best ways to upgrade a stock cyclocross bike — on an under $100 budget. (Hint: one thing most mechanics will agree on is that you might want to check out our Tour de Tire coverage to decide on which tires to upgrade to.)

    Clement LAS Semislick Cyclocross Clincher Cyclocross Magazine

    Consider upgrading to a nicer tire, like the Clement LAS Semislick Cyclocross Clincher featured in our Tour de Tires. © Cyclocross Magazine

  • Collegiate Chronicles: some students can’t wait to get back to school come September … and by back to school, we mean into collegiate ’cross season, of course. This week, we talked to some of the people working “behind the scenes” to bring collegiate cyclocross to the masses, to find out why and how they do what they do, and what to expect this season.
  • The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo: train, stretch, eat, sleep, repeat. Thanks to a coach keeping tabs on me, I’m starting to morph back into “real racer” mode. Of course, it would help if my bikes would stop falling apart.
  • In The Saddle With … Lee Waldman takes on the role of reporter and interviews this bike industry pro, who also spends some time “in the saddle.”
  • Thank goodness for Rumors and Rumblings with Kat Statman, since the season is creeping closer and the rumor mills are churning out gossip like it’s going out of style.
  • Our race and clinic 2011 Cyclocross Calendar will be live in the next couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled for that!
  • Race dates are being announced, clinics are coming up, riders are being signed to new teams: it’s a busy time for us, and we’re working hard to bring that info to you as it happens, so make sure you’re checking in frequently for new updates.

You May Have Missed:

  • New rider announced, Swiss racer Christian Heule is coming stateside for 2011.
  • Mechanical Mondays: new writer Jason Gardner talks about what you can do to avoid the dreaded mechanical DNF during cyclocross season.

    Raleigh Midsummer Night MFG cyclocross race course preview video

    Raleigh Midsummer Night MFG cyclocross race course preview video

  • Training Tuesdays: you’re out and training for cyclocross now, but should running be part of your routine? Pros weigh in.
  • Cyclocross is here! … OK, that was kind of a psych-out, but one major cyclocross race happened last week: Raleigh’s Midsummer Night cyclocross race in Washington drew in pros competing for two contracts with Raleigh. We have a preview video, some preliminary race reporting and a full account of the race.
  • But for the Land Down Under, they’ve had cyclocross races going for a month now. (And a Tour de France champion!) Missing cyclocross? Catch up on race coverage with the Dirty Deeds Cyclocross Series.
  • Our newest cowbell-ringer (and intern) David Evans debuts his new column, Cyclocross on the Cheap.
  • The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo: Power? Heart rate? Numbers? I start training with a great coach, but the technology is a little hard to get used to.
  • Women’s Wednesdays: why are women so different than men, anyway? A few recent studies shed some light on women versus men in sports.
  • USA Cycling announces their upcoming board elections and the cyclocross positions available. Are you running? Let Cyclocross Magazine know, because once nominations open August 1st, we’ll be running pieces on the candidates.
  • Tour De Tires: Looking for a new set of tires for the season? Our Tour de Tires finally came to an end as the Tour de France finished up yesterday. We ended on a high note, with an all-new review of the Clement LAS clincher.
  • Rumors and Rumblings with Kat Statman is back, now that he’s returned from his honeymoon. And not a moment too soon!
  • Paul Warloski has more to talk about in his column, It’s Always A Good Day To Ride. This week, he focused on Learning Not To Think, which is harder than it sounds!
  • Looking for a new way to pump your tires to perfection? There’s a Craftsman tool that might be perfect for the job!
  • Between race announcement, clinic announcements and team announcements, our Press Release section has been updated nearly daily, so if you’re looking for industry news, look no further.