Although SRAM equipped riders had a big podium presence at 2015 Cyclocross Worlds, not all news through SRAM has been positive. Today they have announced a recall on one of their Zipp 88 aluminum front hub models, which were sold between October 2008 and December 2010. These wheels were also sold with 2009-11 full bike models from five different companies, including Cannondale, Specialized, Giant, Felt, and Orbea (all road bikes). We have attached Zipp’s official release below, which includes pictures to identify the recalled hubs. For more information, including a full list of the affected bike models that were sold with these hubs, be sure to check out the Consumer Protection file on the hubs.

Note that this is a recall of the front hub only. The following is from Zipp:

Zipp has identified a technical issue with respect to a production range of Zipp wheels manufactured with the Zipp 88 front hub. We have begun the process with the CPSC for a complete recall. The root of this recall is spoke retention, a concern only with first generation front hubs. Specifically, the first generation 88 hubs could incur retaining ring failure that might result in an ejection of all the wheel’s spokes. This may result in wheel failure.

How to identify the recalled version of the First Generation Zipp 88 front hub:

1. This recall is for first generation ZIPP 88 Front hubs only. If you are not sure which model you have there are some simple visual checks you can do. However, if you are still not certain, then we ask you visit your bicycle dealer to make the final determination.

2. Hubs not affected by this recall have larger clinch nuts that prevent spoke ejection.

3. If your Front Wheel is nearby please check the following:

• Look at your Front Hub only.
• The retaining ring and clinch nut will look like the item on the left (Image 1). Note the larger colored ring with the “Z” and the smaller, silver colored clinch nut.
• Hubs with this ring and clinch nut were produced between Oct 2008 and May 2010.
• If your Front Wheel has this ring and clinch nut do not ride your bicycle until you have taken the wheel to your dealer for an exchange. If your Front Wheel does not have this size ring and clinch nut then it is not involved in this recall, and you can continue to ride your bicycle.
• If your Front Hub is involved in this recall, please stop riding your bicycle immediately until you have received a replacement.
• If you are unsure that your Front Zipp hub is involved, please visit your dealer to confirm before riding.

4. To further identify the first generation Zipp 88 hub is the presence of “Z” logos on the retaining rings. (Refer to images 1 and 2 below). No other versions have logos on the retaining rings. The hub shell is silver, and the retaining rings are gray in the standard option and gray, red, blue, pink, or gold in the ZedTech options. The outside diameter of the two clinch nuts is approximately 1.14 inches. (29mm)

The ABOVE images are the affected first generation Zipp 88 Front Hub. The retaining ring is colored, with a “Z” and smaller clinch nut.

The BELOW images are a Zipp front hub that is unaffected by the Recall. Note the larger, silver, clinch nut and smaller retaining ring.

5. The affected hub has a Ring and Nut like the parts on the Left (colored ring, with a “Z” and smaller clinch nut). The parts on the Right shows a non-recall unaffected ring and nut. Note the larger (37mm diameter) nut and the smaller ring without the “Z”. (IMAGE 4)
Consumer Steps

We want to make this process as convenient as possible for everyone and return consumers to riding quickly. After identifying that that hubs are part of the recall consumers are encouraged to bring them into their local SRAM or Zipp dealer who will immediately initiate the warranty process. Most consumers will have their wheels rebuilt with new parts and incur no cost. If consumers are unable to reach their dealer, or have additional questions or need for assistance, they are encouraged to call SRAM’s Dealer and Customer Service directly during regular business hours at 1-800-346-2928 or 1-800-231-6755.