TOKYO, Japan – In-depth reports of Cyclocross Tokyo Day Two’s races, including the Men’s Elite Race with Zach McDonald taking a victory over Ben Berden and Tim Johnson as well as Ayako Toyooka edging Sakiko Miyauchi in the Women’s Elite Race, are available.

For the sights and sounds of race day, however, few capture are able to capture the play-by-play action of Cyclocross in Japan like one of our Cowbell Forum members, Pigmon. From the video above, you can see a few course designs that are free of some of the UCI’s restrictions.

The sand running seems almost endless, and the turns through them are tight. Between the beach, the urban pavement, and the narrow wooded course, the transitions between these different features are almost instantaneous as a single, two-foot high concrete barrier. The folks at Cyclocross Tokyo certainly have put together one of the bucket-list courses of February.