David Hildebrand put together the first and second excellent 2017 Hartford Cyclocross National Championship course preview videos that we showcased. On Monday, he’s returned to the venue with his selfie stick, shooting video of racers attempting to ride one of the steep off-camber climbs, and also interviewing Jeremy Powers during a cool-down ride.

Hildebrand tested out three sets of tires out on the course, but given that he’s one of the top ten favorites (according to for his 45-49 age group, he’s not giving away all his secrets in terms of line or tire choice.

Hildebrand also caught up with Jeremy Powers of Aspire Racing, and got the always-positive Powers’ impressions of the course:

“Pacing it is going to be really important because of the runs…[those] first couple minutes [are] really challenging, you’re gonna be going pretty cardio there…it could be hard on your body. Pacing that first section, to be able to drive the second half is gonna be really good, if you can have that patience.” -Jeremy Powers

Hear what Powers has been up to, and see what’s in store for racers in Hartford in the video below by Hildebrand.

Stay tuned for Cyclocross Magazine’s full coverage of the entire week of title races starting Wednesday, and watch Sunday’s Nationals races live on Cyclocross Magazine from the warmth of your home. It’ll be cold one, as next weekend’s weather will struggle to go above freezing.