David Hildebrand put together the first, excellent 2017 Hartford Cyclocross National Championship course preview video we highlighted a week ago, and he’s back at it again.

Hildebrand headed back to the Riverside Park to see the nearly-finished course, did some hot laps, spoke with USA Cycling and some prominent racers in this updated video.

“I think they used every bit of the area,” said Stephen Hyde. “It’s gonna be really fast at times, and really technical at times.”

“If you stop paying attention for a second you’re probably gonna be on the ground,” said Alec Donahue.

See what’s in store for you in Hartford, or at least what’s in store for the title-chasing racers as you watch Sunday’s Nationals races live on Cyclocross Magazine from the warmth of your home. It’ll be cold one, as next weekend’s weather is predicted to struggle to go above freezing.

Still unimpressed or think it’s flat? As we said in our earlier post, action cameras “do not accurately show elevation changes” and we encourage anyone to keep an open mind.