USA Cycling continues to respond to member concerns, and perhaps, Cyclocross Magazine’s unscientific polls. After working on new 80% rule recommendations and guidance after racers were upset with being pulled early at Jingle Cross, the governing body has also heard the complaints about the late notice of the elimination of the Junior 9-10 category at the 2017 Cyclocross National Championships in Hartford (first reported by CXM here) and responded with a compromise.

The decision to remove the category wasn’t entirely unpopular, but the timing was an issue with parents and readers. While 38% of readers approved of the decision, another 38% thought the decision was smart but announced too late, with just 24% disagreeing with the decision entirely:

What's your reaction to the ellmination of the Junior 9-10 category at the Cyclocross National Championships?

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In response, Paul Swinand chimed in with a thoughtful op-ed on the Junior 9-10 category issue, calling for more data and analysis in making such decisions.

Now USA Cycling has responded, adding a Junior 10-and-under race, which includes the prior Junior 9-10 category racers, but making it a non-championship event.

The official announcement sent last week to concerned USA Cycling members by VP of National Events Micah Rice is as follows:

“While we do believe we have made the right decision for the right reasons to remove the 9-10 age group from the list of National Championships, we have listened to the concern of parents who believe this decision was made too close to the Cyclocross Championship in Hartford.  Therefore, we will be changing the Sunday clinic slot at 2:30pm to a non-championship race with medals and a podium presentation for riders 10 and under.  Our goal is to have a 20-minute race and allow these riders to show their stuff on the big course in front of the Sunday crowd.  We will also be keeping the entry fee super low at $10.  Registration is now open on our website here:

While I realize that some of you won’t be content with this as we won’t be awarding a National Championship jersey, we hope that you will agree it is a good compromise and understand that we are listening to your feedback.

Thank you for all of your emails and we hope to see you and your kids in Hartford.”

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