bff_cyclocrossmeetingBrian Vernor’s latest film, The Cyclocross Meeting, impressed a sold out crowd at its world premier in Bend, Oregon, during Nationals last December. For those among the burgeoning ‘cross scene in New York City, or anywhere within travel distance, now’s your chance to feast your eyes on beautifully filmed international cyclocross racing on the big screen. Vernor’s movie will be part of the tenth annual Bicycle Film Festival and will hit the screen in Manhattan on Sunday, June 20th. Also on the docket for that evening of the BFF are five other cycling-themed shorts.

Vernor, whose first film Pure Sweet Hell offered a gritty look at ‘cross via black-and-white Super 8 film, returns to our beloved sport for this latest project, but offers a much more polished presentation shot in high definition – and bright color. The premise is to take two Elite American ‘cross racers, Barry Wicks and Adam McGrath, bring them to Japan, and explore that country’s cyclocross scene. The Cyclocross Meeting centers on its lush, beautiful cinematography. Vernor admits that he has been heavily influenced by the surf film genre, and it shows; the film is laden with stunning cyclocross race action shots and glorifying slow-motion with a soulful soundtrack. For more on the film, see our original write-up from Bend and check out the trailer below.

The Cyclocross Meeting Trailer: