by Frank Shoemaker

Continuing the series of videos from the 2015 SSCXWC in Victoria, we’ve got Rob Parkin’s Day 3 video of the final championship day’s fun.

At the end of the day, racers donned costumes, pedaled one gear, negotiated boats, snow, tires and shot cuts, took creative routes to get to the finish, and crossed the line with smiles. Up front, familiar bodies slipped into Golden Speedos and got more tattoos, with repeat winners Adam Craig and Mical Dyck crowned as Singlespeed Cyclocross World Champions.

Sound familiar? The same pair also won the 2012 SSCXWC in Los Angeles. It’s Craig’s fourth consecutive Worlds title, after winning in 2012 in LA, 2013 in Philly, and 2014 in Louisville.

Watch the action and party called SSCXWC in the video above. Stay tuned for a report and photo gallery.