Somehow the SSCXWC weekends are always a blur, and memories of the eighth installment of the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships held in Louisville, Kentucky, the bourbon capital of the world, may be especially blurry for many involved.

Championship “Racing” Returns to Eva Bandman

Let’s start with what we do know. A world championship cyclocross race returned to the shores of the Ohio River at Louisville’s Eva Bandman Park less than two years after it hosted the 2013 UCI Cyclocross World Championships. Only this time, there wasn’t any USA Cycling rescue of the event, USAC or UCI rules did not apply, and handups were not a crime. Freak snowstorms and flash floods also spared the park this year, although there were still some welcomed freaks and perhaps for the unlucky, some unexpected flashing.

Brian Segal, the mastermind behind the 2013 Raleigh Singlespeed Derby held the Thursday before the 2013 Worlds, brought his flaming barriers and sense of humor to Eva Bandman and hosted hundreds of the most spirited singlespeed cyclocrossers. Some notable fast racers made the trip, including UCI racers Mo Bruno Roy and Justin Lindine, along with top singlespeeders Scott Chapin, Craig Etheridge, Ellen Sherrill, three-time SSCXWC winner Drew MacKenzie, and two-time defending champion Adam Craig.

Racers selected their one gear best suited for the Eva Bandman hills or hydration strategy:

As usual, the costumes were as important as the gearing at the SSCXWC:

A Weekend of Chances

On Friday, racers participated in a “Feats of Strength” team competition to qualify for the championship race. On Saturday morning, racers who didn’t qualify had a Last Chance Qualifier race to try to punch their ticket to the big dance. Racers who didn’t qualify had their own “open” race Saturday afternoon, followed by the championship “races” for women and men.

At the front of each race, there’s was some fast riding happening, and Ellen Sherrill, perpetual podium SSCXWC finisher, battled Mo Bruno Roy before Bruno Roy escaped the heat and flames to take her first Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championship:

An hour later, Adam Craig took the the course, and was motivated to tie Canadian Drew MacKenzie’s record for three consecutive SSCXWC titles.

SSCXWC14KY Video “Nuggets” by Jake Biernacki:

Craig did take the win, and soon was on a mission to quickly get the mandatory tattoo and avoid any 2011-like controversies.

SSCXWC Is Heading North

Where will this party land next year? It seems like the one gear crew will be hopping on a ferry to take over Victoria in British Columbia. Will Drew MacKenzie use home turf to topple Adam Craig in the race to four?