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By Celeste Taylor

ASHEVILLE, N.C.—Magnus Sheffield  (Park Ave. Bike Shop) brought home the gold while racing for the first time at Nationals to conclude his first full season racing cyclocross. In a strong ride on a damp, technical course he was able to outmaneuver the competition to claim the National Championship title in the Junior Men’s 13-14 category.

Nick Carter (NorthStar Development Cycling) took the holeshot with an aggressive start. Behind him, Ryder Uetrecht (BendBroadband/WebCylery) and Sheffield rounded the first corner in close pursuit. As the riders reached the off-camber section going into the Bike Barn, the leaders were neck and neck with Sheffield aggressively navigating the terrain in an effort to take the lead.

Junior Mens 13-14 start line

Junior Mens 13-14 start line. 2016 National Championships. © R. Riott / Cyclocross Magazine

The leaders were able to ride Ingles Heckle Hill and by the time they hit the bottom of the next descent, Sheffield was in front after taking advantage of a bobble by Carter. Carter and Uetrecht trailed by only a few bike lengths and Dakota Cline (Boulder Junior Cycling), Jared Scott (Rage Cycling Team) and Brody McDonald (Celo Pacific) lagged only a few seconds further back.

Sheffield’s mountain biking background proved advantageous on the course’s technical back side, and by the time he hit the line with two to go, he had established a sizeable lead. Uetrecht and Carter were locked in battle behind him, trading the lead as each attacked.

Into the drop with Magnus Sheffield

Into the drop with Magnus Sheffield. 2016 National Championships. © R. Riott / Cyclocross Magazine

Midway through the second lap of the race, disaster struck for Uetrecht. A blown out tire forced him to make the decision whether to ride or run. Uetrecht chose to ride and came across the line for the second time on a completely flat tire, trying desperately to make up the ground he had lost and get to the pit as quickly as possible to exchange his bike.

This gave Carter a comfortable twenty second lead over third place Scott but Carter wasn’t racing for second. He rode the bell lap aggressively, trying to hunt down Sheffield who was only seven seconds ahead. Uetrecht worked to chase down his opponents with Cline riding strong behind him.

In the end, Sheffield claimed victory by eight seconds while Carter finished a strong second. Scott finished solo in third while Cline was able to pass Uetrecht for fourth.

After the race, Sheffield told us that, “It was a flawless race. I stuck to my game plan and just waited for Nick Carter to have a little bobble and I just shot up from behind him.”

Watch Sheffield’s full interview and see full results below.

2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Junior Men 13-14 Full Results

1Magnus SHEFFIELDPark Ave Bike Shop24:34.
2Nick CARTERNorthStar Development Cycling24:42.
3Jared SCOTTRage Cycling Team25:23.
4Dakota CLINEBoulder Junior Cycling25:59.
5Ryder UETRECHTBendBroadband/WebCyclery26:08.
6Brody MCDONALDCelo Pacific26:38.
7Mikko AHOCorner Cycle Cycling Club27:05.
8Reed LEGGTriton Multisport Cycling Team27:08.
9Owen BRENNEMANNuts About Granola/Hoffman DieC27:08.
10Nicholas PETROVCyclocross Network Racing27:09.
11Elijah SHIPPRogue Velo Racing27:24.
12Lucas STIERWALTLionhearts Junior Racing27:32.
13August MILLIKENRock Creek Velo27:37.
14Ryan STOWERSMelton Design Build Juniors Cyc27:48.
15Ryan CAMPBELLAvout Racing27:59.
16Will SHARPNorthwest Cycling Club28:12.
17Tommy SERVETASTeam NYCROSS.com28:21.
18Kyle JOHNSONTLC/Active Knowledge28:37.
19Riley COTTONMelton Design Build Juniors Cyc28:50.
20Anthony HILLIGOSSMinnesota Junior Cycling Inc.29:00.
21Vin HLUDZINSKIBoulder Junior Cycling29:02.
22Alex GREEN29:09.
23Dylan RICHARDSONJA King MTB Team29:11.
24Marek HAYESJs Bikes Racing29:13.
25Gabriel DOBROZSILionhearts Junior Racing29:16.
26Dakota OLSENCentral Junior Cycling Devo29:47.
27Max PALMERMidwest Devo30:03.
28Bartek KAWALKOWSKILionhearts Junior Racing30:08.
29Josiah HOUSEFlorida DEVO30:09.
30Garrett MCNEARPapa Johns Racing Team30:09.
31James LLOYDRogue Velo Racing30:31.
32Jonathan COSTINThe Pony Shop30:40.
33Sebastian SILBERMANKelly Benefit Strategies/LSV30:41.
34Peter SWINANDThe Pony Shop30:48.
35Trey TREFRYRad Racing NW30:52.
36Christopher GRICE31:12.
37Zachary COZZAUPMC/ Pro Bikes31:14.
38Brooks WIENKE31:20.
39William POOSERDowntown Asheville Racing Club31:20.
40Beck FARRELLBoulder Junior Cycling31:25.
41Leo GULLICKSON31:39.
42John Paul AMALONGConstellation Cycling31:56.
43Jeremy SIEDORKelly Benefit Strategies/LSV21:25.
44Luke FEUERHELMCentral Junior Cycling Devo21:34.
45Korbin NEVIUSEvolution Jr. Devo Team21:42.
46Jules VAN KEMPEN21:54.
47Connor SMITH21:54.
48Ben MCKENZIE21:57.
49Aiden MILLER21:57.
50Jesse RIDERRock Creek Velo22:00.
51Alexander BENNETTCycle U22:06.
52Nicholas SALAZAR GARCIA22:22.
53Connor GIZINSKICycle U22:23.
54Winston HACKETTCycle U22:25.
55Noah VIGIL22:30.
56Aaron BANKSMidwest Devo22:33.
57Jonathan HILLSLionhearts Junior Racing22:42.
58Lincoln SCHEERxXx Racing22:48.
59Tayton PARKERTeam Air Assurance/Tulsa Connec22:54.
60Reece LATHAMTeam Mission Source / NGCA23:05.
61Ayrton HOUKMidwest Development Cycling Inc23:06.
62Jacob THORNTONWicked Awesome Racing23:20.
63Joey MITTELBERGTeam Mack Racing Assoc. LTD23:20.
64Christopher MCKENZIECincinnati Cyclocross23:35.
65Charlton STAINBACK24:22.
66Jackson ENGLEHammerCross24:28.
67John FOWLER24:29.
68Preston LUNIEWSKICincinnati Cyclocross25:25.
69Alex CORBYMidwest Devo25:35.
70Clint CASSASEvolution Jr. Devo Team25:42.
71Alex WEISGERBERLionhearts Junior Racing25:44.
72Niko STRAUSSHammerCross29:02.
73Ethan BRITT31:00.
74Sean HUGHESRogue Velo Racing33:50.

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