Ryan Kamp, the winner of last year’s U23 Worlds, shows that he still has it in him.

Ryan Kamp maintains a steady pace © B. Hazen / Cyclocross Magazine

Kamp maintained a steady pace and, by lap three, he was steadily in first.

The race ended with the Dutch racer taking a bow while crossing the finish line.

Ryan Kamp is victorious at the EUC Continental Championships © B. Hazen / Cyclocross Magazine

We won’t get to see him don the continental jersey just yet but we can enjoy the rainbow jersey while we wait.

Second and third place went to British racers Thomas Mein and Cameron Mason respectively.

Full results below

UEC Continental Championships Results: U23 Men

116KAMP RyanNED200:51:28
232MEIN ThomasGBR210:51:40
333MASON CameronGBR200:51:41
422AGTERBERG KyleNED210:52:21
517RONHAAR PimNED190:52:43
619VAN DIJKE TimNED200:53:00
718HENDRIKX MeesNED200:53:08
824ROUILLER LorisSUI200:53:10
944FONTANA FilippoITA200:53:13
1047CEOLIN FedericoITA200:53:24
1145TONEATTI DavideITA190:53:29
121DELBOVE JorisFRA200:53:42
1335BARNES TobyGBR200:53:45
144ANANIE UgoFRA180:54:08
1523KARS HugoNED180:54:16
1634ASKEY LewisGBR190:54:17
176JOT HugoFRA190:54:19
1829LÜTHI EricSUI210:54:19
1938MCGUIRE RoryGBR180:54:24
2025STEHLI FelixSUI200:54:26
2142VANÍČEK ŠimonCZE210:54:31
2228LILLO DarioSUI180:54:35
2348PAVAN MarcoITA200:54:42
242THOMAS ThéoFRA190:54:45
2541ŘÍMAN JakubCZE200:54:46
265RICHARD ANDRADE FlorianFRA180:54:56
2721VERBURG LukeNED190:55:14
2846LEONE SamueleITA190:55:19
2939STOCKWELL OliverGBR180:55:41
3026SOMMER JanSUI200:55:56
3136BARNES DanielGBR180:56:20
3231SOMMER LarsSUI180:56:35
3327HALTER Jean-LucSUI180:57:02
3420ARTZ BartNED200:57:35
3537COUZENS TomGBR190:57:58
3653VANČO TobiasSVK182 Laps