Mud and Heat at Spectacross

Because some photos just require a comment. © Jamie Mack

OK, so most of us are a little frustrated at the length of time since the last season ended, and the length of time till the next season starts. But this is a supportive community so we need to stick together, kind of like our own little support group that no one else understands. So Cyclocross Magazine is stepping up with some off-season photo contests so that we can all re-live the glory – or, in some cases, laughter  – of the season past. 

We’re digging through the archives to find the most interesting, provocative and embarrassing photos we can find on the Cowbell forums, so start submitting all those shots you’ve been holding onto. We’ll post our favorites on for all the (‘cross) world to see. But it will be up to our valued community to complete the showcase with captions, one-liners, even descriptions of what happened next. Once a photo is posted on under the photo caption contest heading, the race is on.

The best reactions will be posted along with the photos, and both the writer and photographer will receive an additional two issues added to their subscriptions. We’ll throw in stickers, mini cowbells or some other small token to help everyone spread the ‘cross love to those around them.

As with any support group, there have to be some rules of conduct. So keep them in mind:

1.  Keep things (relatively) clean, we are a family-friendly community after all.

2.  You can chime in with as many captions as you like, but winners are limited to one prize. Let the others have a chance.

3.  You can submit multiple photos as well, but don’t upload your whole flickr account or all of last season’s photos. And let’s face it, the more photos you submit the less likely we are to stumble upon the gem of the collection, so bring on the interesting ones.

3.  Original photos only, no posting someone else’s work.

So head over to the Cowbell cyclocross forums and start fine-tuning your skills. The first photos will be posted this weekend!