Alex Morton (Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld) had to wait a year to race Junior Nationals after missing the Reno edition with a dislocated shoulder.

Morton’s wait was worth it after he ran away with the Junior Men 17-18 national championship in the mud on Sunday.

Nick Carter (KCCX Elite) charged back in the last lap to take second, and Magnus Sheffield (Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld) finished third.

Full results are below. Stay tuned for a race report.

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Junior Men 17-18 Results: 2018 Louisville Cyclocross Nationals

1204Alex MORTON45:03.
2202Nick CARTERKCCX Elite Cyclocross Team46:07.
3201Magnus SHEFFIELD47:03.
4205Jared SCOTTLUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized49:19.
5215Jules VAN KEMPENTri-Cyclists BRC49:35.
6208Lucas STIERWALTLionhearts Junior Racing50:00.
7219George PIEPGRASNew England Devo p/b Cadence We50:45.
8212Daxton MOCK51:15.
9203Andrew STROHMEYERCTS Cycling Team fueled by Orga51:27.
10209Harrison WHITECyclocrossworld51:46.
11207Dillon MCNEILLTrek Cyclocross Collective51:58.
12211Nathan KNOWLESASU Devo52:36.
13216Tyler REYNOLDSTrek Cyclocross Collective53:16.
14221Jamie WILLIAMSLionhearts Junior Racing53:51.
15224Brock SELLMove Up Off-Road54:30.
16232Charles SPRINGERBoulder Junior Cycling54:55.
17217Tommy SERVETASTeam NYCROSS55:13.
18226Ian MCDONALDCycle-Smart55:31.
19230Ethan PETERSONNorthStar Development Cycling56:49.
20237Jacob KRYNOCK@1Lap
21220Owen BRENNEMAN@1Lap
22265John HUGHES@1Lap
23258Dylan POLLARDPalouse Bicycle Racing@1Lap
24222Ian WILLIAMS@1Lap
25228Eli KEYESVelocause Centraal Cycling@1Lap
26223August MILLIKENVan Dessel Factory Team@1Lap
27255William BOBROWPapa Johns Racing Team@1Lap
28229Trevor AUGUST@2Lap
29259Gavin BOWENBend Endurance Academy@2Lap
30225Byrne DOBRIENTJunior Dropouts@2Lap
31238Henry MCALVANAHTrek Cyclocross Collective@2Lap
32242Cobe FREEBURNTop Club@2Lap
33264Jacob MILLERCycle U@2Lap
34240Ryan STOWERSBoulder Junior Cycling@2Lap
35235Ben DOUGLASMontclair Bikery Development Te@2Lap
36241Graham OUTLAWBoulder Junior Cycling@2Lap
37233Malaki CALDWELLTeam Phoenix@2Lap
38263Gabriel SHIPLEY@2Lap
39231Patrick FRANKTeam NYCROSS@2Lap
40261Connor GIZINSKICycle U@2Lap
41236Johnny MEYERLE@2Lap
42269Anthony BAILEYCTS Cycling Team fueled by Orga@2Lap
43239Connor WINGLER@2Lap
44262Keenan SEGENCHUKNew England Devo p/b Cadence We@2Lap
45256Pierce CHANNELL@2Lap
46234Ryan ZAMZOW-MASTERSSweet Bikes Racing@2Lap
47250Matthew HOURIHANAscent Concept Team@2Lap
48249Jordy MALMBERGTop Club@2Lap
49253Ethan JANSSENDiablo Cycling@2Lap
50247Jack JENKINS@2Lap
51227Eddie STILLMAN@2Lap
52257Aiden MAPELCompetitive edge Racing@2Lap
53243Lincoln SCHEERThe Bonebell@2Lap
54245Jacob ARRIGONIPlus One Cycling@2Lap
55244Maxwell MONTAGANO@2Lap
56246Solomon MYERSLOGIK | Junior Development Team@2Lap
57266Winston HACKETT@2Lap
58248Weston TURNER@1Lap
59254Willem KRATTLEYMNJRC@1Lap
60267Lucian SPAMPINATOBend Endurance Academy@1Lap
61251Jacob KUPERI Am Racing@1Lap
62252Noah DEMUTH@1Lap
DNF210Ryder UETRECHTTop Club
DNF218John Paul AMALONGCTS Cycling Team fueled by Orga
DNF268Andrew SNELL
DNS206Torin BICKMOREBoulder Junior Cycling